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GUISEPPE PARADISO & MERIDIAN 71/Parallel Dimensions: A multi culti Boston bunch of world beaters whose third album finds them with a third line up, they roll the clock back 50 years to the times of "Bitches Brew", hippie flavored world beat and trips to the seventh galaxy. A great dose of head music that finds headphone listening bringing out some Zappa as well, this turns into a fine set of jazz for people who think they don't like jazz. Check it out.
(Ubuntu 104)

JOHANNES WALLMANN/Precarious Towers: A cat otherwise known as ‘teach' at UWisc gathers up smart cats from the Milwaukee/Chicago axis and leads by example. The piano man has been around the block enough times for this to be his tenth album, he brings some progressive daddio here showing he's one of the Midwest's jazz diamonds in the rough. Tasty stuff for when you want some listening jazz that isn't easy listening, there's just enough funk here to tie it all together in a fine package. Well done.
(Shifting Paradigm 125)

RED HOT SHAME/My Satellite: NoCal proggy space rock that shows what happens when you get your transmissions from well off the beaten path. With everything being splinted into a million niches, you can bet there's an underground that will give out merit badges for knowing about this stuff.

BIG PAUL FERGUSON/Remote Viewing Reboot: Recombinant industrial DNA recombines once again as the original is remixed and the angst careens madlier than before. Killing Joke meets The Mission and you can bloody well know what to expect as the noize thunders on.
(Cleopatra 2775)

FUZZTONES/Encore: Punky garage rockers round up some odds and sods that have been laying around the garage for a while and serve them up for the faithful and the completists. Wild stuff whether traipsing back to the 60s or serving up stuff from here and now loaded with meta references.
(Cleopatra 2701)

LIVING EARTH SHOW/Lyra: A specially commissioned work that's part of greater performance whole, if you've got your arts council ears on you know the drill. A guitar trio with Sam Adams working the electronics, this is tomorrow's minimalist wine and cheese music today.
(Earthy Records 2)

LIVING EARTH SHOW and DANNY CLAY/Music for Hard Times: If you like those left leaning guys like Steve Reich that have the vision to make something out of nothing, this pairing is your new kids on the block. Deceptively simple music and arrangements that leave general descriptions behind, this will help you on your quest for sonic adventure. (Earthy Records 1)

JEFFREY DERUS/From Wilderness: Not everyone can grow up to be Aaron Copland or Frede Grofe but there's no harm in trying if that's the prize your eye is on. Derus draws his muse and inspiration from the Pacific Coast Trail. There's a lot of there between here and there and he makes the most of interpreting every mile of change, time and tide. Played as a cinematic impressionism piece, he's well on his way to making impressionistic music with pros he can proudly rub elbows with.
(Navona 6421)

MINA GAJIC-ZACHARY CARRETTIN/Confluence: This pair with fantastic vitae aren't just dusty academics with chops you never heard of outside of Colorado. A highly dynamic piano/violin duo, they raise the roof on a set of tangos and Balkan dances that is purely non-pareil. A killer recital that goes the extra mile, Piazzolla would be doubly proud of what they do here since the tangos they focus on were written by a cat not even born until 1975. Purely hot stuff.
(Sono Luminus 92256)

Volume 46
April 19, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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