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MICHAEL RUBIN/I'll Worry If I Wanna: A white boy with the blues that has taken his harmonica to more places than anyone can count finally steps to the fore with an overdue debut that doesn't take itself anymore seriously than it has to. Cartoony but not clownish, this is something that could easily be dug by off beat grown ups or very hip kids. If things have been a little too serious for you lately, check this out.
(Many Hats)

STEVE BOUDREAU/Cherished Possessions: We've been a fan of Danny Perez long enough to know that any student of his is someone we should pay attention to. Leading a Canadian piano trio, Boudreau shows a proper command of the keys with just the right touch. Delivering a mostly original set in fine style, it goes beyond feeling like up market cocktail jazz that hinges on a classical feel. Solid stuff from a rising pro.

JIM SELF-JOHN CHIODINI DUO/Hangin' Out: The off beat studio rat duo makes a left turn this time out bringing in cats to make the cuts into trio affairs adding to their tuba/guitar simpatico. With a varied set card they pay tribute to the various ringers and their strengths, this is wonderful laid back jazz just right for those times you forget to put the phone back on the hook (if you know what I mean). Real enjoyment throughout.
(Basset Hound 102)

ALICE AUSTIN/Goodnight Euphoria: The lead singer of Black Sabbitch reaches back to her New England punk roots for a set of stuff that just doesn't fit into her single minded Black Sab tribute. All the left leaning alt you could want, she could easily show today's young ladies how to bring the angst.

DAVID LOEB/Between Sea & Sky: Considered an outlier in his student days because he committed the heresy of thinking for himself and chasing new ideas, today it's a pretty easy bet to figure out who won that round. Looking back at a few decades of his works, Loeb was one of those cats that could bridge the old and new. And how many of these contemporary classical cats can you call sprightly. A diverse retrospective program solidly presented, this is a recital you don't even need a wine & cheese invite to show up for.
(Furious Artisans 6828)

WILFREDO TERRAZAS/Torres Cycle: Taking indigenous Mexican ritual music as it's base, this flute playing sound scaper sounds like he crafted a peyote trip that you take where a coyote leads you off on a soul search. Really out there stuff from a cat with the cred not to be written off as a art freek.
(New Focus 321)

MARTI EPSTEIN/Nebraska Impromptu: Epstein, who counts a Guggenheim among her many awards and recognitions, serves up some impressionistic chamber music inspired by her youth in Nebraska. As wide open as the countryside that shaped her, while it's a cinematic feeling set, it leans toward experimental cinema with shape shifting and spaces to draw your own conclusions. Modern music going in modern directions.
(New Focus324)

Volume 46
April 2, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Edi tor and Publisher
Copyright 2022 Midwest Record

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