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DAVID LUMSDEN/Rooted I the Blues: The recently minted senior citizen owes his guitar driven version of being a white boy with the blues to the choogle that was all over FM radio when he was 16. After a lifetime of learning his lessons well and being lead ax man for Hurricane Ruth for quite a spell, here he comes with his second album and it's better late than never. With a Midwestern edge to Texas blues and bluster, he knows how to deliver. Sincere stuff from him and his pals all loaded with subtle surprises throughout. Solid.

DOUG MACLEOD/A Soul to Claim: Long before white boys with the blues was a trope, Macleod had me with the opening notes of "I'm Down". I've been fine with that groove all these years but the Memphis air seems to have done something to him. Claiming this is his Memphis record, I'll be damned if this isn't his Tony Joe White record recorded with a real Muscle Shoals vibe under it all. He's not imitating TJW, and actually, it's nice to have something new that sounds like TJW. If you're an existing fan or one that should become one, you know this set is going to take you off the beaten path----and that's a good thing! Not everyone can just go and create their own genre. Killer stuff.
(Reference 746)

MARKEY BLUE RIC LATINA PROJECT/Jumpin' the Broom: Finally tying the knot after working together so long , this co-ed honky blues duo is now firmly playing with telepathy finding a real groove that totally down and totally real. Sure to gather them a bunch of blues industry recognition once again, this set goes beyond being about awards. It's solid listening that cuts to the chase in classic show room style. I feel like I'm driving through the night across country listening to down home blues on time brokered radio stations. All that's missing is the static and you won't get any from this fine set.
(Soul Sound 104)

YELENA ECKEMOFF/I'm a Stranger in this World: A lot of Russian stuff has an inherent sadness to it, and with the state of the world these days, the sadness is evident here---even if it goes back to when she left her native Moscow in 1991 to bring her well honed chops here. Her ever evolving musical vision gets put on pause a touch here as she goes back downtown with a crew she's worked with before. This time around, her settings for the Book of Psalms are spread out over two discs and it still seems like she has more to say on the subject. Lovely instrumental work that approaches the divine with a different set of ears, it might just make today's average narcissist find a second or two to show some appreciation. If not, it's a great listen anyway.
(L&H Productions 806151)

YVES LEVEILLE/L'echelle du Temps: The multi award wining Canadian jazz mainstay shows how to make a high minded, Euro jazz into classical set with out a trace of art pretensions anywhere in it. Sounding like something that could have been recorded in the 50s, but with better recording equipment, it's just has class and style falling off it from every direction. Teaming his piano with an ad hoc string ensemble made up of individual pros, this is what real adult listening sounds like. Deep stuff that leaves some real meat on the bone to sink your teeth into, I can feel Sarnoff and his Living Stereo equipment hovering over the proceedings and smiling.
(Effendi 165)

Volume 46
March 22, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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