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ELIZA NEALS/Badder to the Bone: In just a few years with just a few records, this white gal with the blues went from being a whirlwind bat out of hell coming out of nowhere on the run to a pre-eminence with nothing left to prove. That doesn't mean this velvet whip isn't going to stop lighting up the night and raising the roof---it just means there's no stopping her. Purely a hotter than hell trial blazer, this set is a monster. Hot.

DAVE GODDESS GROUP/Back in Business: Taking his time between full-length albums, Goddess, who admits his love for the 60s, lets his Jim McGuinn flag fly high here as you get that rick in a rock sound and fury matched by the urgency in many of McGuinn's vocals. More "Sweethearts of the Speedway" than "Sweethearts of the Rodeo" there's enough authentic guitar jangle here to convince David Crosby that maybe he should saddle up and tour with this rig for some extra jack. Real stuff, not throwback Thursday fodder.

MISSISSIPPI HEAT/Madeleine: Recording in Chicago to kick off this crew's 30th anni, the Euro born white boy with the blues knows how to get the party started. Leading his large crew through a bluesy good time of new songs, they might play it old style and old school and it leads to a tasty fusion of eras. A solid modern statement of how it is now and how it's going to be.
(Van de Linden 710)

STEFANIA DE KENESSEY/In Her Words: Have you ever wondered what EDM would sound like if Fraser & Lilith listened to it? How about if they listened to it while Lilith did the "Dance of the Seven Veils"? Probably with Fraser tied to a chair? Sorry if you youngsters would prefer a Sheldon & Amy example for something more current but Sheldon's too asexual for it to work. You do know we're talking serious Euro art chick here, right? Funny thing is, it's more reined in than you might think.
(Neuma 155)

NICK VASALLO/Apophany: Who'd have thought the grandfather of death core had a secret identity as an egghead? With advanced degrees and a legit teaching job at a university? The genre splicer of long standing had a need to saddle up once again, create some mind melting mind melds and find a home for this metallurgy on a contemporary classical label. Probably too mind blowing for long hairs that aren't taking drugs, you gotta take your roller coaster rides through hell where you can find them.
(Neuma 150)

Volume 46
March 8, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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