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DAN CARILLO & COMMON GOOD/Witness: A long standing, left leaning Texas jazzbo debuts his new trio as they shed their pasts and proceed with some forward thinking modern jazz. Free thinking and eclectic, their approach is often low key and soothing without being mush music. You can't be at it this long without finely honing the skills to pay the bills.

SARAH JANE NELSON/Shelby Park: Just the kind of southern siren that gets us every time. The opposite of a manufactured music row confection, Nelson has paid dues, won awards and knows well the difference between shit and shine. Doing more of the heavy lifting here, she's written her own heartfelt song stack that knows where every inch of rubber meets the road and makes the most of all of them. Solid stuff that gets country to keep it real and sounds like the perfect soundtrack for a long drive through an endless night. Truly hot stuff.
(Sarah Jane Nelson)

CELANO BEDENHORST BAGGIANI/Carnet Imaginaire: A thoroughly modern take on classic ECM minimalist trio work, this crew isn't afraid to pull in material from where ever as long as they think it will work./ Certainly a solid set of thinking man's jazz, this is right in the pocket for when settling back and just listening is in order. Well done.
(Challenge 73538)

JESSICA DE BOER/Grow: A modern jazz thrush releases her debut set, an album about opening up to the world. There's often an art chick vibe to the set and if you're in the market for a new prototype of a 50s black leotard babe, here's a box for you to check.
(Challenge 73539)

PETER PROTSCHKA QUINTET/Hearts & Minds: The Miles touch here is no coincidence as you can still find Rick Margitza working/lurking in the background. A nice bridge for the past and the future, this crew of long standing has finally released their first studio album and the wood shedding really shows. A smoking post bop high end jazz date, this is tasty stuff with pros leading the way to fine times. They brought it hard and left it all on the tape.
(Double Moon 71397)

JOHN STOWELL-DAVE GLENN & the Hawceptak Quartet/Violin Memory: In which we find simply beautiful music becoming a genre all it's own, even if this is the only album in this particular canon. The Pacific northwest's master guitarist meets up with a string quartet and adds color from a trombone making the sum total whew! One of those rare pure listening dates that doesn't have to hit you hard to knock you out, this inspired collection of miniatures blows the ears wide open.
(Origin 82841)

IDIT SHNER & MHONDORO/Heat Wave: Growing out of jam sessions that happened because Portland has a small jazz scene and key players could hear each other over back yard fences, the result is a modern take on classic Oregon world jazz from 50 years ago. More in touch with these times that Oregon's original hippie sensibility, all that really matters is that there's some wild sax moves at the core of it and a good time is really had by all. A great dose of swing for non-swingers.
(OA2 22198)

HAL GALPER TRIO/Invitation to Openness: Originally a 2008 radio concert, when Galper was entering his final phase of his long career that's still in motion, he unleashed his piano into a kind of white people's free jazz where he was improvising on composed music as the urge struck him in each different moment. Proceeding on a full blown busman's holiday of letting the whims blow where they will, it's just a gasser to hear a geezer move way beyond the boundaries without a care in the world. Purely smoking.
(Origin 82843)

XOSE MIGUELEZ/Contradicto: If modern Havana still has back streets like in "Godfather II", this sounds like what those sounds would probably sound like. As the label moves out of it's traditional comfort zones for a date recorded in Portugal, the world wise colorations make a nifty change of pace in the label's generally impeccable canon. With passages that could easily be "West Side Story" outtakes, is this our first taste of modern, progressive Latin jazz or have gringo ears just been too sheltered? Either way, we like it and you will too.
(Origin 82842)

SABERTOOTH SWING/Delta Bound: An ambitious multi media project that tackles the history of jazz and how it's roots came up from the roots shaping it's way out of Nawlins and around the world. Certainly not at all flavored like a PBS or streamer ‘documentary', this is a lively, breathing performance of song and story. The music is definitely presented like a show and you can place that chair at any point between the speakers where you'll get the maximum effect. A set powered by gallons of creativity, this is a fine text book on what Nawlins is all about once you tear down the iconography and get down to the nitty. Spellbinding.
(Slammin' Media)

Volume 46
March 7, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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