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SPACE OPERA/various: Once it was Eno making records n his kitchen for $80. Now, it's stripped down prog meeting stripped down EDM at an Ibeza lounge on Mars. This label puts it's front line on display in an array of house music for white people. The future is triggers.

HOWARD BRITZ TRIO/Comfort and Joy: A multi instrumentalist leads a piano trio through a smart set of originals and loads the deck with mildly left leaning sensibilities. A nice adventurous ride loaded with twists and turns, this crew should be serving up something meatier than eps. A nice appetizer.

SYSTEM 6/Indespensable: A solid ensemble that plays with a big band meets civil rights jazz vibe that falls way right of AEC but lets you know which way the wind is blowing nonetheless. The sax takes the lead and never lets you forget. With a late night club feel, you can tell these are cats that love letting loose. Smoking.
(Skipper 1040)

DUKE ROBILLARD BAND/They Called it Rhythm & Blues: The only thing better than Robillard kicking it out on a set of chestnuts with his impeccable band is adding a rolodex round up to the proceedings peopled by players that know when Duke calls, you don't say let me get back to you. A riotous juke joint extravaganza, I'll bet you thought there was a law against geezers rocking this hard. Ozempa this! It's killer stuff.
(Stony Plain 1444)

ALBERT CASTIGLIA/I Got Love: And in this corner we have the latest from a vet, shredding white boy with the blues that's letting you know he's glad to be here ad hoping you are the same. Purely the sound of cutting loose after being down so long from circumstances beyond his control---let the boy boogie. He knows what to do.
(Gulf Coast 9037)

LISA HILTON/ Life is Beautiful: Well here's a side of Hilton we haven't seen before. Her mood is celebratory but what she seems to be celebrating here is after hours. No doubt a very personal record, she's really putting herself into the playing this time around in a way that goes beyond rolling tape and letting chops shine. It might be instrumental but she really speaks to you on this set. Breaking down that fourth wall, you'll find that to know her is to love her. Dazzling.
(Ruby Slippers 1027)

MARSHA BARTENETTI/Sings McNealy & Kuhns: Sounding very much like the adult albums from the era when Streisand was really in flower, this classy retrospective of a life's work is given fine voice by a talent that's no stranger to theatrical depth. If you've got a taste for Broadway ala Sondheim, this is sure to whet your whistle in a way you thought wouldn't be again. Classy throughout, don't crack the shrink-wrap unless you are sure you're a grown up ready for some full bodied, mature entertainment.
(Lo Flo 10)

STEPHEN CLAIR/To the Trees: Always one to take us for a ride with him as he traverses life, this set finds him in nature, raising teens and still honing his edge as a sharp penned writer that knows how to reach out and touch. Still learning as he goes, this is a fine next stage in all of our developments.
(Rock City)

JO HARROP/The Heart Wants: This nu jazz diva is a real scorcher. Practiced in the art of jazz noir with a side order of Tom Waits and Pete Christlieb throwing sparks, this thrush that writes ‘em as well as sings ‘em is about to blow up big. This date is a pure bred killer that's so good it hurts. A winner throughout.
(Lateralize 11)

BOBBY GENTILO/Gentilo: This Mississippi white boy with the blues is also an astute genre splicer that knows how to mixmaster things in such a way that you're never exactly sure what you're hearing from where. He puts it all together in such right measures that it never comes out a dingy shade of brown. Fun stuff to wake up modern rock ears to nu possibilities, he listens first before taking you to the task---and that's the magic here. Solid.
(Blue Heart 1024)

Volume 46
March 4, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2022 Midwest Record

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