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HURRICANE RUTH/Live at 3rd & Lindsley: A certified sister that's doing it for herself (booking, recording, etc) this white gal with the blues that let's you know right away she's a force of nature takes her act to a spot that's becoming the Budakan of live blues recordings to blow the roof off the joint. With some well credded pals driving the sound with her, this is a rouser of a date that showcases the modern version of old school in fine style. She's a real twister!
(Hurricane Ruth)

GORDON GRDINA'S HARAM/Night's Quietest Hour: Grdina mixes his envelope pushing Arabic music ensemble with the experimentation of Marc Ribot and a dandy, world beat good time is had by all. Not worrying about pushing up against the margins to much, this is an audio magic carpet ride by cats that know how to get crazy and how not to let the wheels roll off. A trip to far away places with strange sounding names, this is one of those wonderful, offbeat gassers.
(Attaboygirl 3)

GORDON GRDINA/Music of Tim Berne--Oddly Enough: So, you let a guitar whiz loose on the music of a left leaning jazzbo just to see what happens, and you get music that exists in a time zone all it's own. Angular throughout, once this takes off, you get the feeling it might never have planned for a landing. Wild stuff the open eared will love.
(ABG 4)

MIKE GULDEN/Tumblin': With 45 years of being a white boy with the blues under his belt and bringing the blues to the suburbs of Philly all that time, you know that once he straps on his Strat the good times are going to start rolling. Playing with an easy going ferocity that comes from knowing what you're doing, this shows how you keep the party going for years on end. Solid.
(Blue Heart )

BAILEY BIGGER/Coyote Red: Scorching the Memphis music scene while still a teen, this comet could sing the phone book and that would be enough but she writes as good as she sings. A folkie singer/songwriter here for her debut, she might not come across ferociously but she commands plenty of power and skill. Obviously born to the breed, this is the kind of auspicious debut that leaves you wanting much more.

MICHELLE MALONE/1977: Pay8ng tribute to the year she first picked up a guitar and then telling us she's not who she used to be, she can certainly be forgiven for taking a step back. A touch to the right of an indsutrial folk set, Malone might be dialing it back but she's certainly not dialing it down.. It's all well thought out and smartly played showing she's still got many more doors that can be opened successfully before she puts the ax away. Well done throughout.
(BFD 20021)

Volume 46
February 28, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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