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SCOTT SILBERT BIG BAND/Jump Children: There's been a slew of records lately by former members of armed forces bands and this is just the latest. The swinging sax man shows his affinity for the 40s and adjacent eras with this set of tunes that cover that waterfront nicely. Reminiscent of your first taste of swing coming at you via 80 year old WB and MGM cartoons, Silbert evokes an era that makes you wonder what has Chris Thomas wrought? Not just for oldies and nostalgia fans, this is an accomplished set that really kicks ass.

LIZ TERRELL/It's Alright With Me: A theatrically flavored swinging jazz vocalist, Terrell evokes an era of broads, dames and cigarette girls when a frosted glass was more likely to hold sway than a smart phone. With an eclectic set list that makes everything she vocally touches part of that era, it's easy to hear why she's been flying high under the radar. Tasty stuff that's a valentine for jazz vocal fans.

GARY BRUMBURGH/Full Circle: A jazz vocalist with an affinity for Broadway picks up the Mark Murphy mantle and wears it nicely. Wisely picking tunes that haven't worn out their welcome and mixing them with tunes that have but have also been mostly forgotten, this is one of those tour de forces that remind you that it's new if it's new to you. This is a fine tribute by someone that really has Broadway in their heart.
(Café Pacific)

ALEXANDER CLAFFY/Good Spirits: So the bass man agrees to a pandemic webcast benefit with a pick up band that turned out so well the prime movers behind this knew it had to be turned into a record. Recorded live with no audience, the New York crew prove to be so well versed and inspired, they really do play like a band that knows how to read each other's minds. Sizzling their way through a bunch of tunes that require more than a glance at a fake book, these are jazz cats that know their jazz and really bring it. A winner throughout.
(Cellar 20721)

BAD DADDY/It's a Mad Mad Bad Dad World: What happens when some white boys with the blues get the bug to roll out some soul & R&B? If they get bit by the bug in Chicago that find it's not such a big pivot. Proving white boys can do this without resorting to using black face, we see once again that soul is about being true to yourself. This is the real deal throughout and a well need genre boost.
(Pie Hole 3)

ALEX ANTHONY FAIDE/Particle of the Infinite: With a little help from Crimson and Pumpkins players, this do it all cat, who gets some props from Fripp himself, comes in with the kind of Crimsonoid Frippertonics that fall somewhere to the right of Zappa's jazz from hell and land without a thud. A high minded take on shredarooney, Faide might well be the new definition of chops. Quite a mighty set for a genre that has way too much noodling.
(7D Media 1101)

JEFF TUOHY/Hudson Delta: The roots might be in the past but the music is from tomorrow. A rootsy cat that's not a white boy with the blues or a back porch rocker, Tuohy is a cat that's been around and has an appreciation all kinds of American music but has the chops to bring it together in a way that's all his own. There's not even a debt to Gram Parsons at Tuohy's most country rocking. Unique and forward thinking, this is the sound of a genre both taking root and blasting off. Killer stuff.

ARMEN DONELIAN/Fresh Start: What's a 71 year old piano cat to do when he gets sidelined by the pandemic and breaks his shoulder? How about sow the seeds for a new trio and reinvent the way he listens and plays music while writing up a storm of new material? Work for you? Resulting in a sound that sounds like Jarrett not sounding like Jarrett, Donelian takes listening jazz to new places and serves up sophisticated sounds that don't have their nose in the air. Tasty piano trio work certainly for when it's 5 o'clock somewhere in the world.
(Sunnyside 6036)

MERCEDES NICOLE/Constellation: With songs ripe for the picking picked from
T-Bone to Bonnie, Seattle's cabaret treasure steps out with the blues album she's always wanted to make. You can tell this set is powered by stored up energy. Sophisticated elbow length glove blues, down sounds never sounded so up market with all the infused soul remaining in tact. More an experience than a record, Nicole has it all on the ball.

JON CHI/River of Marigolds: A jam band vet rounds up some jam band pals for his answer record to the pandemic. Keeping optimism at it's core for the sake of his children who are witnessing an unbelievable round of history in the making as it unfolds, it's music with a message that's courteous enough not to hit you overt the head with it. And it remains true to jam band style.

Volume 46
February 26, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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