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TRITONE ASYLUM/Hideaway Sessions: A group comes together because the players find they have common inspirations they can draw on as they tip the cap and chart new courses. It worked and a second set is now here. The players were vets so the music was always sure of itself but here it's just more so. Super tasty listening jazz that lifts you out of your chair, this set is the proof that it's 5 p.m. Friday somewhere in the world right now. Well done.
(Blue Canoe 1488)

JORGE GARCIA/Dedicated to You: If you didn't know Garcia was a first call guitarist in Florida, Richie Cole's break neck sax riffs that open this show might have you feeling otherwise. A personal set in which Garcia kicks it out with various of his fave collaborators and fellow travelers, this is after hours jazz presented tightly creating an interesting temporal fusion of it's own. This is what you are looking for when it's time for a fast ball down the middle.

CORINA BARTRA/Amber Light: A Peruvian that's been making her bones in New York, Bartina is a delightful world beater that creates her own fusion, all of it sprightly and buoyant. A tasty trip around the spheres, she's quite engaging and knows how to engage. A sure cure for stateside, winter time blues.
(Blue Spiral 16)

LAURA STILLWELL/Out of a Dream: A thrush that's been doing her thing in the background in New York for years steps out as a classic swinging thrush with a swinging crew right in step behind her. Kicking it hard on a round up of chestnuts the usual jazz divas have missed out on by brand name composers you trust, this is the kind of after work jazz that almost makes you want to put aside those Zoom meetings a few days a week. Well done.

COURTNEY FREED/Big Crazy Love: A big voiced gal that's shown her love for Harold Arlen in the past turns her gaze largely to South America and theatrics this time around. If you like those full throated gals that give it their all, this is a mighty appealing stop on your way.

JAMES BROWN/Song Within the Story: Not that one, ya dope, this is the Canadian jazz guitarist that's been away from recording for over a decade. Coming back without missing a beat, this is some tough minded, angular playing that wants to make sure it grabs your attention---and not because he can play like Wes if he feels like it. Still young and feisty enough that he thinks fusion is something you can write master's theses about, you can be sure he plays it like he walks it and talks it here. A great wild ride.
(NGP 3)

DARREN JOHNSTON/Life in Time: The New York trumpeter that's traded licks with Fred Frith comes to Chicago for some Chicago driven jazz with a mainstay trio that can pretty much play anything. With a Chicago take on loft jazz leading the way, this isn't exactly clove ciggy daddio jazz but it's loaded with the kind of stuff that gets you nodding appreciatively. This is the place to go for that late night feeling.
(Origin 82839)

JARED SIMS/Against All Odds: Sax jazz for people that have arrived in port after the storm. While not coming out on this specifically, this is celebratory sounds that celebrate resilience and resistance. Pour and fave drink and enjoy, you've all earned it.
(Origin 82840)

TOMAS FUJIWARA'S TRIPLE DOUBLE/March: Wild stuff for those who want to take an improv ride with real pros that know just how far they can push before it all becomes noise. Heavy on left leaning creativity, this bunch band together here to be real ear openers.
(Firehouse 12 35)

RICHARD WILKINS/Life's for Livin': Go ahead call me a dinosaur--this white boy with the blues has a load of Arc and Conrad copyrights on board here even leading off with the collab between Wolf and Dixon. Aided by a bunch of other white boys with the blues that know the drill, this is a frat party that goes on all nightlong.

Volume 46
February 15, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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