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DR. DAVE & THE HOUSECALL BAND/Carefree Revisited: The smooth jazz guitarist adds a real band to his background and decides to revisit a recent vintage album that he felt could benefit from some freshening. Probably a good call--a lot of the time, more is more just as much as more is less. The set is certainly more competitive and appropriate to his chops as an opener that share the stage with the biggies. Right in the smooth jazz pocket throughout.

CACTUS/Birth of Cactus 1970: Before Bogert and Appice decamped to hang with Beck and rock groups could cover Mose Allison and still be called the American Zep, this is where it all began on a scorching summer afternoon rock date. Always the thunder thudding headbangers, this is one of those sounds that existed outside the lines and as a result, remains timeless and essential where ever teenaged hormones are raging.
(Cleopatra 2589)

POCO/One Night in Nashville: On an evening almost 20 years ago, everyone but Tim Schmidt showed up to kick out the jams on various hits from various generations and incarnations of Poco. A family reunion kind of evening where a good time was had by all, classic country rock fans have a dandy hidden treasure here and know the drill to enjoy a time that won't come again.
(Cleopatra 2559)

QUINN STERNBERG/Cicada Songs: When you think of jazz and college towns, you generally think of jazz programs and not much beyond that. Here we have a jazz grad in the Gulch trying to push the margins with stuff inspired by the seventh galaxy and more. A solid set of composed music that takes you on a journey rather than ride off the rails. Smart stuff that shows an auspicious debut.
(Mind Beach)

PAUL OSCHER/Rough Stuff: The Covid casualty gets a new look at a 30 year old album recorded with blues greats at a time when it really meant something to be a white boy with the blues. A unique harmonica player that knew how to instill a real back room, after hours feeling, this is a must if you still enjoy those old records by all those old guys named Mississippi. Fine stuff.
(Cool Streme)

JOY RIDE: An accordion/oboe duo that know how to be mirth makers without being ironic or snotty, they have this mystic ability to play anything from any time in any style. From silly to serious, they get your attention and keep it even going so far as the break down the fourth wall and address you directly. Natural showmen, they really know how to deliver a fine show.
(Joy Ride)

KATHY MURRAY & the Kilowatts/Fully charged: An Austin white gal with the blues that's been kicking it in town for 37 years brings her naturally occurring Bonnie Raitt slurriness to the fore with a killer album that's finally going to let everyone else know what they are missing. Hitting on all 8 throughout, Murray and her crew bring the party with them where ever they go and this is one you want rolling through your town. Killer stuff.
(Blue Heart 23)

ELIANE AMHERD/La Degustation: She might look like a folkie that's been writing out in the woods but she's a modern AOR rocker that freely genre splices where needed and really wants to rock your world. Some new, interesting stuff on tap here.

TEMPLETON THOMPSON/Get Back Up: Can you handle a Nashville record that doesn't sound like 70s rock? A talent that's been working the background for a while pushes farther to the fore with a set that showcases her writing and resilience against the Covid disruptions to add up to a set that sure to land her some future platinum placements as well. A delightful organic set that underscores why some of her fans are real country boys that have made their marks. A tasty outing.

MICKI FUHRMAN/Westbound: A country gal with a real affinity for cowboy culture has been in an out of the music biz for years but is back now with a gaze fixed firmly on the future. With vibes here that shift back and forth from old to nu, Fuhrman has all the spirit and feeling needed to really make a date like this come across in first class form. This set is a real gateway to good times on the back porch.
((Green Planet)

Volume 46
February 11, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2022 Midwest Record

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