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JOHN WILLIAMS/The Berlin Concert: Having come a long way from leading the Johnny Williams Trio and being seen as an Andre Previn wannabe, Williams celebrates his 90th birthday with the Berliner Philharoniker by doffing the cap in a secret tribute to his "Star Wars" music. Reeling off some of his greatest scores without tromping them to death, this is one of the greatest classical music face offs of all time---and in this case the music is classic but generally not classical. As this double disc evidences, Williams is still full of power and prowess and we hope to keep getting to enjoy new stuff for a long time to come. Hail the master maestro!
(DG 34852)

ALICIA LEE/Conversations With Myself: Lee is one of those cats that knows how to do it. A set that falls somewhere in between the convenient cracks in describing this music, she's doing solo sax and doing it in such a way that it defies description. Not exactly jazz or nu classical, it's a dandy master class in the art of the sax with influences being cast in from many quadrants. The biggest bit of wizardry here is how she can hold your attention all by herself.
(New Focus 302)

JOHN AYLWARD/Celestial Forms & Stories: A modern impressionistic romp through Greek literature and myth, Aylward shows the way to the classical music of tomorrow where white space will be as important as the notes---not that he leaves much white space here. Skillfully avoiding all the art music clichés for a solid listening experience, it might not be what you are used to or ready for, but it is always interesting.
(New Focus 320)

JORDAN FERRIN/Tales of Transcendence: A sax man makes his debut by taking an impressionistic trip around d the world to unleash his creativity in new ways. It's got that seeker kind of vibe the jazzbos of yore had when they were romping about in India.

Volume 46
February 8, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2022 Midwest Record

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