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BERNARD ALLISON/Highs & Lows: With an education that started a week after graduating high school and hitting the road with Koko Taylor and still being built on today, the scion of Luther Allison continues to fire up his ax and deliver the goods. An eclectic blues date with loads of rock at the core, there's an intoxicating mix of old and new steaming along here as the real deal courses through his veins. Hot stuff where the burners are all on high and he's up for the challenge.
(Ruf 1294)

SPEEDFOSSIL/No Anesthesia: What happens 20 years after you get burned out by the record biz? You come back a power popster! Certainly to be looked a that ‘that guy' in the club, after initial misimpressions settle in the dust, the passion that kept things alive for so long before burn out set in is not only re-ignited, it's ignited in all the on lookers. Smartly crafted tunes cover their landscape and they really deliver the goods that have been cooking in the crucible for a tad too long.
(Red on Red)

PROFESSOR LOUIE & THE CROWMATIX/Strike Up the Band: You can't play roots rock like this bunch does unless you've lived it----like this bunch has. The underpinnings of loads of your fave acts and records, this time around, they really step out on their own. Self contained enough to push all the right buttons in totally natch fashion, this date is finally all about them. Killer Americana to the max.
(Woodstock 67)

MIKE ZITO/Blues for the Southside: It worked for Frampton once upon a time, didn't it? The guitar slinging, award winning white boy with the blues serves up a hot off the press, double live set where he and the gang just come out of the box and tear it up. The sizzling kind of road house stuff that would scare off frat boys looking for kicks, it's all hot and no hype. Just what you're looking for when you want to kick out the jams.
(Gulf Coast)

ANGELA VERBRUGGE/Love for Connoisseurs: If this is what the new generation of jazz diva has to offer, count me in. An all original set from a classic thrush that is sincere and doesn't rely on iconography as a gimmick. While she doesn't gear herself toward a hit single to serve as a show stopper, her whole presentation is a show stopper and you should be prepared accordingly. Playing like a dream come true, this lass with class is just going to bowl you over. Hot stuff throughout.
(Gut String)

JUAN CARLOS QUINTERO/Table for Five: A reliable jazz/world guitar presence for over 30 years, Quintero once again shows his unique ability to cover familiar ground but do it in a way that he doesn't repeat himself. Giving equal reverence to all the composers represented here, it's all new no matter how familiar it is. Tasty stuff that properly sets a mood or makes a statement all on it's own.

JAVON JACKSON/Gospel According to Nikki Giovanni: Maya Angelou gets her own quarter and nothing for Giovanni? What? Those idiots in Washington think she's paisan or something? You go, Javon. Honking his sax through a date of classic spirituals and bringing Giovanni around for a turn of her own, this is one of those dates where the groove comes before the message so don't expect to be clobbered in dogma. A lot of this stuff was classic jazz in the 50s anyway so you won't be far out of your element here. Tasty stuff that might take it to church, but this church swings.
((Solid Jackson 1006)

ARTIKAL SOUND SYSTEM/Welcome to Florida: And now it's time for the nu. A bunch of honky reggae roots rockers add some R&B to their slinky down tempo vibe where everything is eire and it's hard to see through the smoke. Beats the hell out of more angst. Logan Rex is well on her way to being the slurry darling of a nu generation. A solid set throughout.
(Controlled Substance Sound Labs)

KARL STOLL & the Danger Zone/Workhouse: How can you not like a bunch of party animals that doff the cap to everything from Nawlins to John Prine? A pure roots rock party on a platter, this gang knows the only time to see is sun rise is when you're going home. Exactly what you need to shake off the sludge.

WALK THAT WALK/You Good?!: They might be from Boston but damn if they don't ramble like they were acolytes of Tony Joe White. With oodles of choogle to spare, you'd almost think these guys grew up backing Mungo Jerry as opposed to Bo Diddley. Fun stuff that's loaded with an old timey/modern vibe that's really going to get you juiced up. A real fun time throughout.

Volume 46
February 7, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2022 Midwest Record

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