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PEGGY JAMES/Parade: An electric folkie that's also a solid singer/songwriter pours her heart out on this set that's a taking stock point. Mixing re-records of past songs with new material, it's a good tack to expand her fan base. Bringing a theatrical mindset to the proceedings, James is a gal of the moment for distaff, modern voices seeking a voice to call their own.
(Happy Growl)

SARAH PERROTTA/Blue to Gold: With an incredible modern rock crew backing her every move, this dream popper delivers a superstar making date that finds her marking her territory in fine style. A dense and textured set, the pros rally around their gal making a point of bringing this set home. If you're in the mood for moody, this does way more than just set the mood.
(7D Media)

KAREN MORAND & THE BOSCO BOYS/Ghost Hotel: Bringing the twang down from Canada, this award winner and her acoustic crew show just how to raise the roof once the power goes out. Just because they keep it simple doesn't mean they don't go deep and have their finger on the pulse of loads of contemporary things that are easy to take for granted. Her pen is definitely mightier.

GEORGE NAZOS/Symposium for Peace: As much as we love guitarists that can play pretty with ease, we have a real sweet tooth for those who can respect the outré side of shops like Takoma, Kicking Mule, Windham Hill and ECM. Sure, it might be an acquired taste but with all the recorded music at our finger tips these days, it's not like doing a deep dive at Musicland and finding out those 1,000 records that were pressed didn't land at a record store near you. Writing for solo, adapting for trio (with players that know their stuff), this is that left of center record acoustic guitar fans who know their apples have a weak spot for. Yowsah!
(Street Stars)

RIGLER-BAHN-CIUFO/ElectroResonance: You've got to be a bit of connoisseur to really wrap your head around this electroacoustic improv and you shouldn't approach it thinking it's impenetrable. With inspiration from the sonic side of Denny Zeitlin's sonic experimentations, this journey into the sound of sound will confuse you as it often sounds like loft jazz on Prozac or space head music for a space that doesn't exist anymore. Not recommended as opium den music and not for pots and pans freaks, this is a trip to the eighth galaxy.
(Neuma 152)

ANNA LAURA QUINN/Open the Door: Picking songs contemporaneous to but not in the same lane as the commercial jazz divas, this Nawlins gal delivers them emotionally in her own way, which is a vibe that lands somewhere between cabaret and 50's thrush that's going her own way. If today's young ‘uns can show an appreciation for the chestnuts and oldies, this set will just blow them away. Well done.
(Next Level 2202)

Volume 46
January 8, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2022 Midwest Record

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