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LADY A/Satisfyin': Hey kids, it's the return of the real Lady A. After all the baloney she's been through, she belts blues in a different way, loaded with a positive message topped off with the reminder that weapons raised against you shall not prosper. Hard hitting blues that focuses on showcasing her Seattle sound that just doesn't quit. From the heart as always, this set points the way to jubilee.
(Lady A Productions)

MONTY ALEXANDER/Here Comes the Sun: This quartet date was recorded when Alexander was still a young Jamaican that somehow fell into orbit with Sinatra. Leading with the vigor of youth out for exploration and to raise the roof, this date kicked off Alexander's association with MPS in fine style. Clean, straight playing that doesn't feel like 50 years have gone by, this is a tyro leaving it all on the field. Hot stuff jazz piano fans can't ignore.
(MPS 212406)

TIM GARTLAND/Truth: With a bunch of the Delbert McClinton gang holding spots at key bases on this set, it could easily fill in for the next McClinton release in case he doesn't feel like stepping up to the mic. Solid, southern white boy blues rock throughout, this is one of those solid parties on a platter that's not to be missed if you want to rock the night away in fine hands. Well done.
(Taste Good)

DRAB: A modern take on power trio thunder thud for suburban rockers too young to drive and have no particular place to go.

MATT GORDY JAZZ TONITE SEXTET/Be With Me: A bad ass drummer with 40 years under his belt knows how to take you back to when ‘gasser' was a regular word to describe jazz. Fitting right in with the first call west coast cats soon after moving there, there's been no reason to look back since. A smoking date that keeps you on your toes, Gordy and crew did this set for love---and it shows. Killer stuff.

ANDREW CYRILLE WILLIAM PARKER & ENRICO RAVA/2 Blues for Cecil: Three hell raisers that played with Cecil Taylor at various times come together to work together for the first time in tribute to their recently fallen leader. Improv jazz fans know the drill--this set comes from Finland where hell raisers like this are revered and encouraged to do their thing. They sure do that here. Hard hitting stuff from cats that don't like it nice and easy--the like it nice and rough. Yow!
(Tum 59)

OGJB QUARTET/Ode to O: A couple generations of hell raisers banded together in what has become a band. Through use of telepathy of mutual admiration, they seem to have crossed a Rubicon where free jazz and swing collide into each other without one or the other getting a concussion. Making nothing but moves that favor the bold, this is outré and in there at the same time. Quite the dizzying and wonderful ride that sure to expand your mind and expectations.
(Tum 58)

MICHELLE AREYZAGA-DANA BROWN/Were I With Thee: In which woke sneaks in the back door of two person, classical recitals. With a solid soprano and a masterful piano, this duo tackles the works of women composers and writers that doesn't go back into distant times but does introduce a lot of interesting works that deserve further exposure. Listeners that get into a well done recital where no corners are cut will recognize this as the real deal.
(4 Tay 4066)

STEPHANIE LAMPREA/Quaking Aspen: Well, we're out of our pay grade here. A soprano dives into contemporary classical using the works of women composers from the last 200 years and presents it through the lens of the avant garde. There's a lot of room for classic Yoko wise cracks but the sincerity that plays out here makes it something to take seriously. We just don't know how.
(New Focus 313)

Volume 46
January 4, 2022
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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