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REVEREND NATHON/Volume 1: If you miss ZZ Top or you came along too late to appreciate them, this Texas, guitar slinging power trio of white boys with the blues will fill the void. They aren't copycats, they just do a good job of playing in the tradition while not manqueing it up. Rocking, rolling and offering up plenty here to party to, this debut shows how much you can do with a good start.

GREG DIAMOND/Conduit: The New York guitar man serves up a tasty modern take on fusion in the company of pals that know how to keep in step. Solidly fun stuff that keeps things hopping as they turn up the heat and remind you while this format caught your attention in the first place. Solid playing that hits the mark throughout.

BRANDON TESKEY/Screaming Into the Void: A hard rocking power trio lines up behind their guitar slinging leader for a round of kicking out the jams. Headbangers and their friends will have a banging time letting this play to hormones in need of release in the suburbs.

ALAN SIMON/Excalibur V Move Cry Act Clash!: The modern prog master let's his anger at current times seethe over in an unFrenchly way. He's mad and wants to rally you to the cause. Not only are people pissed off enough these days to get in line, there's some heavy prog vets on board as well lending a hand to the cause. Is this the new soundtrack for rising up angry? Find out if there's something in your craw.
(Spirit of the Unicorn 20)

SUGAR ROOTS/Savage's Life: Portland white boys with the blues put their best feet forward with this heady debut that lights up the night with power to spare. Hard charging and full of jam, they know their electric blues and don't keep any secrets about it. See if you can get this at your drug store because it's a prescription for a good time and a great introduction to a regional scene that deserves the exposure.
(Lightning in a Bottle)

MASSY FERGUSON/Joe's Meat & Grocery: These Seattle country rock road warriors made the decision to avoid the arenas to keep things blue collar. It's kept them out on the road forever and has honed their chops like the butcher knives at Joe's. Knowing how to read a crowd while going their own way, their sixth album is as fresh as a long over due debut. Knowing just how to deliver, they successfully cut all the fat away and deliver nothing but prime primo. This is the new breath of fresh air country rock fans have been looking for.
(North & Left)

DAVID GIDEON/Lonesome Desert Strum: An indie record whose heart is in New Mexico but was recorded in Nashville, with a lot of the pride of Nashville lending a hand, this long haired country boy whose sure to get too many comparisons to Chris Stapleton is his own cat. Tempering in a lot more organic and back porch than you get from Nashville, he walks the line like a well tempered pro that has a clear vision of which end is up. A country flavored date that capably takes you around horn of the sounds of the west and the open skies, at the very least he can pick up all the dances Gary P. Nunn doesn't feel like doing anymore. Hot stuff.
(Gideon Music House)

MIKE GOUDREAU BAND & DANY ROY/Christmas Rendez-Vous: Thanks to the efforts of our hard working postal workers that have to function with three hands tied behind their backs these days, this Christmas record only got here three days after the holiday (hell, stores were already having Valentine's Day stuff out before the holiday). So here's ahead's up for next year. This traditional jazzy date hit's the nail on the head. The only agenda on display is making sure you have a good time with its easy rolling jazz takes on the familiar and the new. I can guarantee you'll want these guests at your next gathering rather than your opinionated uncle and grand father. Well done.
(Editions Goudreau 21)

LENNIE TRISTANO/Personal Recordings 1946-1970: Mosaic turns up the heat on their geekiness by unearthing previously unreleased recordings from influential pianist
Tristano's personal collection. A lot of this stuff what just meant to be stuff flying through the air and really not set up to be recorded output but it's a killer find for musos that really want it cut from the true vine. Encompassing 6 discs where Tristano wrote almost all the tracks, these sessions find him in a load of the various settings he was at home in, whether straight ahead live dates or free flying free jazz dates. In the company of some of the finest company you could be paired with in the quarter century this set covers, some of it might be a real effort just to hear but you'll find yourself not wanting to miss a note. Tristano might have been behind these recordings but this is a fine portrait of a master taken when he wasn't looking.
(Mosaic/Dot Time 272)

Volume 46
December 28, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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