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SHEA-KIM DUO/Sound and the Fury: This long time, award winning duo do such a fine job of raising the roof that you often forget there's just two of them. Wringing their violin and piano for all the notes it can muster, they reposition what should be intimate works and fill them with rock star fire. Really opening the ears in fine and high style, the invigoration and reinvention work wonders. This set is sure to be seen and heard as another jewel in their crown.
(Blue Griffin 593)

JOHN BARRON-ROB EMANUEL/Vivus: Two Detroit jazzbos go the improv route with an angular ep of bass/drum duo interplay. A nice, unpretentious interlude.

LOS MUSICOS DE SU ALTEZA/Qvid Est Veritas: So who doesn't like nice surprises? This soprano/harpsichord and their pals bunch dig up forgotten music and give it a nice dusting off. Focusing on works from the 1600s, who would have thought they could give it such a contemporary spin that makes it sound and feel like more of a present day recital? With a voice tailor made for interpreting classics, soprano Olalla Aleman brings the right everything to the fore for a performance that goes above and beyond. With none of the dust on it that you might expect, this classical outing really will be a classic.
(Ibs 212021)

CARMELO BERNAOLA/La Celestina: Bernaola was born in the 20s which gives this set a strange connection to the Living Stereo and Masterworks recordings of the 50s in which Sarnoff and Paley wanted to show off what they could do with orchestras to the fullest. This has a strange kinship to those recordings as it sounds like the more progressive works on the labels, even if the repertoire was written years before. Apparently, he was right in the middle of a cosmic grove as this recording would have been right at home there. With Musikene Orkestra Sinfonikoa sounding they could hold their own with CSO or any of the other stalwarts of the time, this is the tonic big, bold symphony fans have been looking for ever since the majors killed off their commitment to the art. Killer stuff.
(Ibs 202021)

PAULINE KIM HARRIS/Wild at Heart: Harris has done it all from avant punk to straight ahead and has gotten high recognition throughout. Here she makes a deeply personal offering that is filled with universal emotions and nothing but surprises and twists and turns as it wends it's way through the left of center and the mainstream without stopping to affix labels anywhere. A portrait of an artist at the height of her powers, if you know how to appreciate art, you are in for a real treat here. Unstoppable.
(Sono Luminus 92253)

Volume 46
December 7, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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