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MARCOS ARIEL/Piano Blossoms: And for those of you who've been wondering what would happen to those wonderful music first players on Adventure Music after it blew apart, well, here's Ariel's third indie recording since then. They had to take off an fend for themselves like the rest of us. A multi instrumentalist focusing on piano here, this new music first collection finds him making piano work look and sound so simple when he does a great job of hiding the complexities in plan sight. A lovely instrumental set for people that have moved on from new age but still want to avoid the noise,, this piano man knows how to bring it.
(Moondo Music 2014)

NOAM LEMISH/Erlebnisse: The first piano solo set from the piano man that's been making his bones in various combinations for years, here we find him bonding with a composer that indulges his love for hyphenated music, mostly riding the jazz-classical tip. Your preferred soundtrack for those after hours times when you want to be alone with your thoughts and sounds that will encourage you to drift, this is a real dazzler set on a slow burn.

SHARON LOIS & BRAM/Best of the Best Live: Basically the Kingston Trio of the modern kiddie music, when one of the members was dying, they opted not to get a fourth third guy and a parade of ringers. Made up of mostly never before heard live recordings that end nearly 30 years ago, the charm and grace is unstoppable and it's a real plus for kids of all ages for this music to live on.
(Elephant 42150)

HANNA PK/Blues All Over My Shoes: Just as a generation of white boys took the blues someplace else and kept it alive, here we have a Korean born and bred lass living in Rochester and recording in Nawlins with a real blues man. I'm not ready to say she grew up eating Koko Taylor records for breakfast but I'm ready to say she's ready to play nu blues for nu times. Trust me on this, the devil is still hanging out on the delta with his pitch fork at the ready.
(Booga Vizz Tone Booga 4)

CHICKENBONE SLIM/Serve It to Me Hot: Kind of an all star date for this west coast white boy with the blues, his roots/party sound just keeps getting hotter each time out. Whether borrowing from the masters or Rockpile, he knows you have to bring the right stuff to get the party started and spices things accordingly. Step up for a solid good time.
(Vizz Tone CBS1)

AVI WISNIA/Catching Leaves: For this first outing in a decade, the Philly singer songwriter checks in with a personal, cinematic album where the songs are mini movies reflecting what's been gong on with him. Anyone looking for something that's not cabaret but is a show dolloped with appropriate amounts of sensitivity will enjoy this off the beaten tracks set that easily touches the listener. Solid.

DAGGERBOARD/Last Days of Studio A: More conservative than the usual Wide Hive release but well to the left of the typical Brubeck/Guaraldi material whose stomping ground this set pays tribute to, this round up of Bay area jazzbo pros kicking it out one a last time in Fantasy's Studio A pays a fine tribute to the hippies, hipsters and beatniks that gave the room it's distinctive flavor. I'm afraid we're looking at thing s that won't come again, at least the sound and fury gets a fine send off to Valhalla.
(Wide Hive 361)

ED BRAYSHAW/Random Repeat: Totally solid power trio shrederoonie that plays with no pretense and a no nonsense badass vibe that just keeps coming.

GREG RAHN/Rent Party: A guy that's got a perfect studio tan making movie music for Marvel decides my obscure references are inspiring and makes an album of original boogie woogie piano paying tribute to the rent parties of the 20s? What's the world coming to? You don't need to know from Scott Joplin or Art Tatum to appreciate this flawless piano set, you just have to have an appreciation of whorehouses and tea pads. This is a such a freaking gasser, I just can't believe it.
(Total Immersion)

Volume 46
November 18, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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