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TODOS LOS TONOS Y AYERS ILIBER ENSEMBLE/El Clave del Emperador: Ok know it alls. You think you know everything? How about when a Jesuit Spanish composer went to China to compose harpsichord music for the emperor? You could easily take this a classical/choral work without knowing the back story, and accept it as some interesting works you weren't familiar with OR you can be bowled over with the thrill of discovery of something you have to be a real deep diver to know about previously. Expertly played and interpreted, this bunch takes you back in time for a guided tour of a time and place you'd probably never find on your own.
Well done.
(Ibs 142021)

CESAR CAMARERO/Liquid Theater: A modern envelope pusher that has been composing these experimental works for years now brings them to fruition with an expert ensemble that shares his outlook. Feeling like music to accompany you through the "Twilight Zone", this is certainly music that plays with your mind. One of those experimental works that doesn't confine itself just to eggheads, it's the kind of thing that could bring new listeners into the tent.
(Ibs 152021)

JULIA DEN BOER/Kermes: Distaff experimenters fill out the program of this passionate, award winning devotee of female musical explorers. Mastering the arts council vibe well enough to ride it to the top frequently, chili the wine and cheese properly and send out the ‘save the date' notices for the Sunday afternoon she comes rolling through your town.
(New Focus 311)

PAUL BARNES/Illumination: You think Petula Clark & Tony Hatch were the only performer/writer match made in heaven. Barnes and Victoria Bond have it going on pretty well as well. A solid interpreter of the composers works, this collaboration has been going on over 20 years and they seem to know each other pretty well. The kind of performer that can pull of solo classical works, even modern ones, there's a lot here to listen to---and all of it's good. Really good.
(Albany 1880)

SERGEI KVITKO/Mozart Post Scriptum: So, a multi talented cat wants to record Mozart standards but he wants to fill the recording with surprises. Look ma, no hands preciousness? Not on a bet. Making works hundreds of years old fresh and new is quite an undertaking when this cat has the chops just to knock out another set of pretty renditions. How good is this? Your kids will listen to this without feeling like you're trying to punish them. That good.
(Blue Griffin 597)

500 MTM/Hard to Love: Power pop bristling with punk rock energy is served up righteously by this crew that has no reason not to color outside the lines. You can feel a load of pent up pogoing energy waiting to be unleashed at the next festival they can play at that won't be a super spreader event. Wild stuff that's just the cure for hormones piling up and needing release.
(Paper + Plastick 711)

Volume 46
November 2, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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