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LITTLE G WEEVIL/Live Acoustic Session: An international blues award winner, this Hungarian native recorded this totally old school courtesy of the pandemic. Just him, his acoustic ax and a free afternoon--that's all the ingredients here. The tunes sound like authentic field hollers plucked from the bolls just a second before the weevils could swallow them even if he wrote most of the tunes. And it all adds up to a marvelously authentic classic blues experience. Even those that didn't dig it the first time around will dig it here. Allen Reynolds had it right all along when he said that feeling was the sixth man on the court. Hot stuff.
(Hunnia 2106)

DIONNE BENNETT/Sugar Hip Ya Ya: Once upon a time, sassy black lassies like Donna Summer went to Germany to sing disco. Now, sassy black lassies head to Hungary to kick it out on a wide swath of black music, all of it delivered with high octane powered by a short fuse. An explosive belter, Bennett could easily wrap an old school show lounge around her little finger.. This is purely the sound of a real good time night out.
(Hunnia 2116)

DAVE SPECTER/Six String Soul: The protean Chicago blues man is way to easy for locals to take for granted. Even though he's running around the world in various capacities as Chicago's ambassador of the blues, he's always here seemingly just around as many corners as the Hawk. This twofer collecting the best of his 30 years on Delmark boils it all down to the most seminal. For a white boy with the blues, you won't find it any more authentic than this. Bringing oasises like the Checkerboard to the world, this is a sonic gallery of a life well lived. Revel in this hot tub of hot stuff.
(Delmark 870)

SARA SERPA/Intimate Strangers: Funded by almost every New York arts council there is, you can bet your booties this is an art chick deluxe session. If you have the remotest kind of mainstream taste, this is going to remind you of one of the experimental plays Lily Aldrin dragged Marshall to where she was a cast member in a loft somewhere downtown.

JAZZLAB ORCHESTRA/Loguslabusmuzikus: It's not easy to get out there and carry on like Carla Bley and have it all make sense. So many try... This long time jazz orchestra gets it right. Delving into experimental music that isn't always easy to follow, they somehow manage to do it without leaving you behind. A solid set of thinking man's jazz that's not about toe tapping and cocktails, the accent here really is on orchestra. Out of the ordinary throughout.

WILLIE JACKSON/All in the Blues: Meat and potatoes beats pesto vinaigrette every time. A solid meat and potatoes blues record by an old school blues cat that knows how to make all the right moves in all the right places. A modern recording with throwback deep in it's guts, this is what's been missing from the blues since the rappers moved in and the neighborhood got gentrified. Solid.

MICK SCHAFER BAND/Back to the Blues: A sinister sounding white boy with the blues brings Portland's version of the blues to the world in fine style. Recorded with a sweaty, four on the floor feel, this cat that's been in and out of music for years knows it's too late to stop now and better not come with anything but his best. It's like he never dropped out of college leaving the coffeehouse behind, except that he got better as he got older. If you can't feel the blue lights in the basement and the ciggy smoke, get your nerve endings checked.

DOUG MacDONALD/Serenade to Highland Park: The go to guitarist for many greats has always been a treat to hear but this trio date is a real ear opener. In covering a bunch of classics,, you get the feeling Joe Pass is walking among us again but this time around, Joe's taking a walk with Bucky Pizzarelli. Stepping up and filling some serious jazz voids, this serious cat knows just what to do. A total delight.

DAVE STRYKER/As We Are: And it's records like this that piss me off that nobody currently working at major labels has ever heard the word ‘jazz' or knows what it is. For his 34th release, Stryker goes for his dream date, an album of suites backed by a world class crew. Really? Call it yowie zowie, gloryosky zero! Creed Taylor's Verve is alive and well.
(Strikezone 8822)

COOK-COURSIL-GALE-ROBINSON-TINTWEISS/Ave B Free Jam: Turn back the clock to 1967 when free jazz and civil rights jazz met for a melee in loft apartments in New York as jams took place where there were no leaders. Too undemocratic! These cats could really tear it up but your head has to be in the right place to appreciate it or else it sounds too much like a bull fight on acid. Wild stuff that's simply out there.
(Inky Dot Media 5)

Volume 45/Number 363
October 29, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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