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RICHARD CARR/Over the Ridge: Want an album that can't be pegged from a cat that can't be pegged? Carr has been a long hair, a jazzbo and an improviser through the last 40 years but the lockdown caused him to throw his old notes to the wind and come up with new notes for new friends. Call it lush instrumental music where there was a lot of stricture and equal amounts of improv in the works. This is a sure case of talent will out. If you have any kind of deep listening chops, you will find this set enchanting and irresistible. It might be off the beaten path to most but the stragglers would be well advised to get on board.
(Neuma 146)

PAN PROJECT: Time for John Charles Daly to throw over all the cards. This sounds like what hippies have been trying to do for years with indigenous people's music but the results are so much better and more authentic. So what happens? Surprise, this is played and written by Asians taking you on a pan Asian sonic ride. Any self respecting world beater that likes going beyond the pale won't want to be without this collection Just when you think you know it all...
(Neuma 148)

DANIEL PESCA/Promontory: A contemporary classical/avant gardist piano man that is one of those cats that PLAYS the piano when he plays the piano shows just how far out a cat you can be when playing from the Gulch. Clear cut stuff for left fielders, this cat brings the drama along with the beauty and really loves giving those 88s a pounding.
(Neuma 147)

JAZZ DADDIES/Moontower Nights: With a sound and and an attitude that falls somewhere between modern fusion and classic daddio, this bunch of jazzbos are all about gathering on the riser and letting the good vibes fly. Straight up stuff that doesn't need frills or frippery to makes you feel like you're listening to cats that know their Al & Zoot inside out. Real tasty.

CHRIS MARDINI: Well America, the answer is in your hands. Is this 19 year old going to be just another critics darling the NYC writers love to pieces and the rest of the country doesn't get or what? Fusing shoe gaze with power punk, he doesn't have the out of the box bombast of say, the Ramones, but if the kids decide to stream it....
(Polar Bear)

SVETLANA BELSKY/Into Darkness Music of 1910-1920: Belsky's records don't need to be reviewed, they need to be put in places where influencers can get people to access sound pegs because Belsky knows how to let her fingers do the talking. Not just one of the top classical piano players out there, she continually shows she knows how to stay on the crest of the wave. This set that highlights brand name composers from around WWI is pure Belsky all the way and she makes me wish I took piano lesson with her when I was 5 instead of the old bat that made me hate it. Killer stuff and a ride you have to take for a great solo recital.
(Sheridan Music Studio)

HIGH LOW DUO/Ravel & Bartok: So we have two electric guitarists influenced by Chet Atkins and Les Paul doing a duo recital on Ravel's "Mother Goose" and Bartok's duets for violins. There's nobody auditioning for a position in Great Kat's band here, just two cats that know how to bring out other colors from the palettes of their axes. If you aren't a classical fan, this is perfect hammock music to play with your hat pulled down over your eyes while just wanting everyone to leave you alone.
(Sono Luminus 70023)

Volume 45/Number 341
October 12, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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