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LAUREN DUKES: A real nu soul belter leads a smart crew in step with her to good places. With an adult feeling edge, it's a mature work that isn't really made to appeal to the kids, and that's just fine. One of those eps that deserves to be longer.

MAREIKE WIENING/Future Memories: Originally recorded during a break in touring when we still could tour, Wiening's second album is actually her first with her original crew. Led by a lady drummer that knows how to lead, she displays the softer side of angular jazz that could almost be mistaken for creative dinner music but has enough edge to keep it from being easily defined but doesn't stop it from being easily enjoyed. A real comer with a lot of curiosity, it wouldn't be surprising if she well on her way to crafting her own genre and niche. Smart stuff throughout.
(Greenleaf 1088)

JO BERGER MYHRE with UNHEIMLICH MANOEUVRE: A trip deep into Norway's improv jazz scene, this is a strange genre splicing date where you get confronted with a lot of familiar elements but you get cut into the scene right before it seems like the wheels might roll off. Intended to be the sound of things almost falling apart, if that isn't a statement for music of these times, what is? Real party music for real eggheads.
(Rare Noise 131)

JU/III: The eastern Europeans take there vision to southeast Asia to mix it up yet again as their sound has a way of going where it will go. A real treat for cutting edge college kids that want their genre splicing done and want it done all at once, this set is a prog rock/jazz outing that doesn't have any desire to contain itself in any way, shape or form. Outlier but never outlandish, this can turn any dorm room into a modern opium den.
(Rare Noise 130)

KARUNA SHINSHO/To Love Again: A delightful jazz vocal album with a strong Brazilian accent underpinned by some real jazzbos that have better things to do than just hang around. Specializing in making old things new, there's plenty here that's familiar but everyone adds their own special sauce and it's all new now. Tasty stuff for the traditionalist looking for something new.
(Nanny Assis Arts)

MUSIC FOR LOVE Vol. 1: This album is a wild mash up of almost everything and none of it washes out anything else as all the genres and sounds collide. A set that really underscores how music is the universal language, the surprises and switchbacks might seem jarring at first but they become normalized in no time flat making this one of those cinematic listening experiences. Whatever you do, don't go into this thinking "I don't like this.. I don't like that" because you will be changed after giving this a thorough listening. A wonderfully wild trip through jazz, soul, rap, world and more, this is the fine side of what can be accomplished with high tech and low airfares.
(Music for Love)

Volume 45/Number 333
October 4, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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