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ABBY POSNER/Kisbee Ring: A no nonsense muso gal that's been hard at work for a few decades and making her mark comes in with a tenor of the times kind of set that brings loads of contemporary issues to the fore. She attacks them head on without stridency and plenty of musicality. She's certainly a light in the darkness.

ANDREW LEAHEY & THE HOMESTEAD/American Static V. 1: It's one thing to be "influenced by" and let that be a crutch and it's another thing to be ‘influenced by' and use that as a jumping off point. If you can't hear echoes of Tom Petty here, you aren't listening. However, Leahey does a great job of personalizing it and moving it to the next level for the next generation. This is why rootsy, heartland rock lives on no matter what happens to time and tide. Solid and right down the middle.
(Mule Kick)

STASH/Walk the Walk: Americana mainstay Ted Kamp goes for a group sound this time out and with three dissimilar pals that somehow have the same point of view, Kamp shoots for the new version of cosmic American music and hit's the target boldly. Outlaw influenced by times where everything is falling apart, this is whip and ride music for those that aren't going to take it lying down. Well done.

BRAD COLERICK/Hope Street: Podcaster, folkie, commercial pro, this protean muso is a jack of all trades but he's far from being a master of none. Amped up back porch music, he offers up a bunch of directly written tracks that make an impact and stay with you. At then end of it all, he's a real folkie in the classic tradition that knows how to cut to the chase. Meaty songwriting fans have a fine feast here.
(Back 9 407)

NEW ORLEANS JAZZ ORCHESTRA/Petite Fleur: Not your typical jazz diva doing the oldies record. With Cyrille Aimee doing the vocals, she wanted this crew to back her on a slew of oldies identified with her recently adopted home in Nawlins, and who better than a crew that knows these tunes inside out. Fashioned with a slow simmer and burn, it almost verges on jazz noir but this set is no one trick pony. A delightfully sophisticated set played with heart and depth, it easily takes these standards to new standards.
(Storyville 1018492)

IRENE JALENTI/Dawn: One of the good things to come out of the pandemic is it gave this Italian born, DC denizen the gumption to grab the reins and make her long over due solo debut. With a smart mix of songs from originals to modern chestnuts and an eclectic round of geographic genre splicing, Jalenti shows her familial musical roots can be passed down through the generations. A lively set full of nice surprises, this is the face of modern jazz vocal that keeps it's roots in tradition. Well done.
(Antidote Sounds 2101)

EARL MacDONALD/Consecrated: It's not that it's never been done, it's just not done that often. MacDonald turns his estimable talents to a set of jazz for Jesus where most of the songs are adapted from things from the 1800s. More focused on doing the right thing that prothelizing, the easy going vibe takes you in before you fully get what you're listening to. This is the right kind of message to send at all of it's sonic levels.
(Outside In 2115)

LUCAS & IRINA MEACHEM/Shall We Gather: An award wining opera singer in the classic style gathers with his piano playing wife for a set of art songs geared to kicking current hard and bad times in the pants---going so far as to donate any proceeds to a foundation for good. Turning an eclectic mix of songs into a cogent recital, this represents a powerful side of music the hoi polloi don't always get to experience, especially when it isn't being satirized. A deeply engaging work from a pair that doesn't need to be told which end is up.
(Rubicon 1071)

LUCA KIELLA/Ready for You: He might have recently won a blues award but this funky cat comes for the party and he can wear any party hat you toss him. Recorded in Chicago with loads of southern accents, the kielbasa gumbo works quite well. A real hard driver, this freight train is too well handled to turn into a runaway train but it has the power to be one if it wants to. Solid stuff.
(Cypress Road)

HANK/Guilty Pleasures: I don't know what they've got going on in rock circles in North Carolina these days but did you guess they have a stew of Hendrix meets prog and peppered with salty thoughts? Young malcontents have a kindred spirit for the times.

Volume 45/Number 320
September 20, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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