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LEGENDS PLAY/The Beatles: Well, ain't this a roll off project. As we wait for the Beatles documentary, here we get a collection of rock stars tipping the cap to the fab 4. Nothing new to see here in ore ways than one. This set is a collection of tracks from various Beatles tribute albums already out. With a lot of production by Billy Sherwood, this mostly laid back collection has a singular sound that sounds like it was all made for this project. Great songs, familiar stars. Why complain? The kids might not even know the difference.

BOWMANS/Scrutiny: Indie folk for the times. This sisterly duo is knee deep is sorrow for the upheavals in their lives and times. Any contemporary youngish ones that need someone to let their feelings out for them have found a pair of pals here.
(Tourbo/Mother West 64)

BRENT FISCHER ORCHESTRA/Pictures at an Exhibition: Once again, the son learned well from the father. Tackling an ambitious work in an ambitious way, you almost wouldn't know this is a re-creation of an august classical work. Even sprightly and fun more often than not, the gates of Kiev seem a little less foreboding and more welcoming in this new take on the USSR as performed by a contact list of players you would climb over a bunch of stuff to get next to. A solid new look at an old work.
(Clavo 202109)

DAVY KNOWLES/What Happens Next: A pure trip back to 80s AOR with shredding and bombastic lyrics for all. If there's any pure rockers still left out there, this is the special delivery they've been waiting up all night for.

TAYLOR RAE/Mad Twenties: Positively an old timer by today's standards, this 27 year old that's been knocking them dead live throughout the pandemic has a lot to sing about under her belt. Country and folk at it's core, Rae hasn't been living under a rock and uses those forms merely as a starting point launching into a wildly contemporary date that can't be denied. Much more cutting edge than retro, she's handily defining a new sweet spot.

CHAD LEFKOWITZ-BROWN & the Global Big Band/Open World: A contemporary jazzbo that isn't afraid to let the music of other do his talking for him, he rounds up a guest list of mid blowing jazzbos that are warmed up and ready to play. Giving a new spin to everything he touches here, the sax man and his pals lay it down so right and tight you can't help but to listen to it with the repeat button firmly pressed. Hot throughout.
(La Reserve)

BILL BANFIELDS'S JAZZURBANE 2/Hey Holla When You Hear Me: A side kick of Quincy Jones, the multi instrumentalist can be cutting edge, commercial and defiantly black all at the same time. Progressive jazz and funk merge craftily with angularity and doses of free jazz for all. Whether or not he's making music for white people, he sure as hell is making music for smart people that have no problem plugging into the universal vibe. This cat's clock starts at after hours.
(Jazz Urbane 21)

TRINEICE ROBINSON/All of Nothing: You ‘meet' the most interesting people in this line of work. With a day job that finds her using her Ph.D. in teaching people how to sing in African American folk idioms, Robinson is a pretty fair jazz vocalist out of the classroom as well. With a set of contemporary diva standards and backing from Don Braden that brings the soul out of the jazz, this is one of those delightfully different kind of dates that hits all the right notes. Tasty throughout.
(4RM 20210806)

NICOLE GLOVER/Strange Lands: There's a lot of able saxy ladies out there these days but not too many like Glover, a skronker that can lead a trio like Sonny in his prime. A real badass date for listeners that want to hear notes, notes and more notes. Let her wail!
(Savant 2191)

DENISE DONATELLI/Whistling in the Dark: With a catalog that goes back almost 70 years and co-writers that can fit any mood, it's hard to go wrong with a singer that knows how to dive in and get going. Not restricting herself to any particular era, she does more to contemporize Burt Bacharach than any catalog kid looking to move up at the record company could. A solid refresher course in middle class cool.
(Savant 2196)

Volume 45/Number 310
September 10, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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