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L.A. COWBOY/Big Pitch: With a delightfully screwy and cynical back story to go with this release, we get treated to a pomo Sinatra that claims to have been kicking around getting discouraged by the evil record biz. No matter how he got here, this well played, offbeat set is a load of quasi novelty fun all spun out as it spins on it's merry way. Certainly something we could use a shot of right now.

LADY MILLEA/I Don't Mind Missing You: A chanteuse that's a throw back to thrushes that were lurking around the edges of crime jazz and exotica lite, she knows how to deliver a smoky, after hours feeling that would make Tom Waits proud. With this engaging off kilter vibe you can't quite put your finger on as it pulls you in. A fun desert treat throughout.

RODNEY JORDAN & CHRISTIAN FABIAN/Conversations: 2 bass players face off on a healing jazz recording in which they go back to pre A440 times to see if the vibe really works. 2 bass with no other coloration. You wouldn't expect it to work but this is the real deal for when you want some chill in the back ground that adds without subtracting. A solidly original tour de force.
(Spicerack 10153)

OREGON/1974: At this stage in their career, Oregon were still on Vanguard and still feeling their way away from Paul Winter. And still making granola music that hadn't quite got to their footing that would lead to greater glories on Elektra and ECM. Still relative youngsters trying to be older than their years improvisers exploring foreign lands, it's clear they were no longer doing music of another present era. A twofer of material recorded at the time for German radio, the timely hippie improv vibe is preserved but you already know Towner is looking beyond. They stretch, they get indulgent and they get ready to take flight. A nice look back.
(Made in Germany1218)

AL COHN/Classic 1950s Sessions: If you are any kind of fan of real blowing and you don't have any of these albums, there's no excuse for it. Now there's really no excuse for it since you can pick up these 8 essential albums all at once under one cover. Recorded over a mere three years, you get some solo work and some group work in some of his more influential formats. Whether debuting with Sims or kicking it out with Kamuca, the sax that powered some of Woody Herman's best years delivers to all fields. No one could cover ground like this cat.
(Enlightenment 9199)

FAR CRY/If Only...:Regional prog rockers from back in the day that found inspiration in Gentle Giant when everyone else thought the Beatles were alpha and omega, they connected much later and recorded a set that proves good things are worth waiting for. Their passion for the times and the tunes make this headphone symphony something to microdose with your dad to. What a way to find out the past is merely prologue.

KINGSTON BOLERO: Bolero is supposed to be the most romantic piece of classical music there is. Suppose you took it down to Tuff Gong and skanked it up? Well say ‘yes, mon' and let's get flat. A nice invention on a familiar theme.
(Henhouse Studios)

Volume 45/Number 287
August 14, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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