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HILARY KOLE/Sophisticated Lady: From vocal tyro to grande dame in a mere 20 years, Kole revisit's the tunes her father probably sang on his club dates 60 years ago, all tunes that will live forever. Giving it her all on a set of vocal/jazz classics, she brings more than the typical diva does to the fore and makes it all a real performance. With real jazzbos augmenting her normal understated excursions, Kole hits all the right notes in fine fashion. Befittingly exquisite.

CETTINA DONATO-NINNI BRUSCHETTA/I Siciliani: This seems exactly like the kind of record that anyone who used to shop at the Rizzoli record department would love. With a crew at the wheel that understands the interplay of music and theatrics, the words of a late poet are examined in song and performances. All the participants are from Sicily and this is about life in the straits. Of course, it's all in Italian but that doesn't stop it from going forward with a Weill/Brecht vibe. Delightfully out of the ordinary, the energy here is sure to bowl you over even if you don't know what they are talking about.
(Alfa 242)

HEAUN JOO/We Will Find: Korean musicians continue their assault on all fragments of our charts, this time taking on the Bill Evans style of piano jazz. An award winner from South Korea, Joo has absorbed all kinds of popular music but her chops land firmly in piano jazz. Recorded old school style, in two days, if this doesn't find you thinking about re: person I knew, you're just too young to be that cool of a jazzbo. Hot stuff.
(Next Level 2124)

ADI MEYERSON/I Want to Sing My Heart Out in Praise of Life: An art chick with a difference, she has a condition that makes her see colors when she hears certain pitches. Inspired by an avant garde visual artist and fall out from the pandemic, yeah, this is art chick stuff but the crew she picked out to march along side her are some first call pros. Not for everyone but those who dig the outer edges will dig this.

SYSTEM 6/Tales from the Backyard: Not wanting to be stifled by the pandemic, Benn Clatworthy held the rehearsals for this date in his backyard---socially distanced of course. The result is a real groover that puts his woodwinds front and center letting him blow for all he's worth. The jazz has a daddio edge to it and everyone is right in the moment. Tasty stuff from a rising pro.
(Skipper Productions 1038)

DAVE MULLEN ENSEMBLE/Solace: This versatile sax cat has a program of originals that are loaded with daddio moves except when he merges it with space Miles for some elephant funk daddio fusion. Hot and hard hitting, there's no slowing this cat and his pals down once they crank it up to break neck speed. Solid blowing that goes the distance throughout.

LUKASZ PAWLIK/Long Distance Connections: A smart fusion piano cat makes a bunch of smart moves by bringing a crew of fusion cats that really matter who brought their chops along with them. The grooving kind of stuff that was plentiful before consultants turned the format into wallpaper, you can tell everyone is having a great time kicking out the jams. Pawlik also captures the sound of summer righteously.
(Summit 782)

ANTONIO ADOLFO/Jobim Forever: Jobim never gets cliché, Adolfo never gets stale. Here the piano master rolls the clock back to 1960 to set up a set that pays tribute to Jobim's massive years of the 60s. A totally groovy set where you wouldn't know Adolfo has been playing these tunes for 60 years, this is the stuff for everyone ready to move beyond their frat boy years and into some real music with real sophistication. Killer stuff all the way on basically a match made in heaven.
(AAM 715)

DR. MIKE BOGLE/Let There Be Light: A Texas music professor that doesn't like wearing the same skin more often than he has to loads the cannon to fire off a bunch of groove tunes here. Based in jazz and smoking throughout, he's earned his chops in the classroom and on the band stand with some real chop meisters. A fun trip that shows he hasn't let the wall of academia go to his head and suck the life out of his chops.
(MBP Groove)

BOB GORRY/GoBruCcio: Three pals get together for some improv free jazz. It's one of those things where subjective standards don't apply and if you like small group improv like this, you'll already know you like it. It often refuses to play by the rules.
(NHIC 16)

Volume 45/Number 265
July 23, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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