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BIG PAUL FERGUSON/Virtual Control: There's a whole lot of industrial going on here by skilled hands in the field as the industrious drummer who influenced everyone's sound from the 80s forward gets back behind the skins and skins them alive. Pairing down the noize a touch but leaving enough in the mix to let you know he still means business, this is no exercise in nostalgia. A wild ride throughout.
(Cleopatra 2346)

BLACK EYED PEACE: A solid set of sun dappled skanking as reggae goes instrumental, a touch on the yacht rock side. A fun diversion for the reggae tourist that never understood a bunch of the patois in the first place.
((Piper Street Sound)

JC SANFORD/Imminent Standards Trio Vol. 1: The leader of the bone trio serves up the standards but deconstructs and reconstructs them in such a way that he might as well have taken credit for writing them since you won't recognize them. Letting his horn ring out from front and center, he's got some mighty chops that hit and hit hard. A solid set for the mainstream jazzbo that likes it listing a tad to the left.
(Shifting Paradigm 165)

JOHN McTIGUE III/It's About Time: A non-stop creative drummer and his non-stop creative pals seem like they got together in a studio where no one had their eyes on the clock and a good time was had by all. A collection of duets between him and various players in various styles, it's a real gasser of s show piece that hangs together as a whole no matter how hard it tried not to. A winner throughout, this is a can't miss set for a lot of tastes all across the board.
(MC3 1)

JON DURANT-STEPHAN THELEN/Crossings: A guitar duo more in the Kevin Kastning mode than anything else serves up the atmospheric, experimental sounds in their meeting of the minds from across the world that finds them both in remote locations with the wide open spaces to inspire them. Adept at handing a variety of guitars and effects, they take you to that place ECM doesn't go and provide alt.adult listening that comes from somewhere else. A great launch pad for sound for the new space race.
(Alchemy 1038)

MICK PAUL/Parallel Lives: The Brit bass man and his pals take you to progy spaces where the imagery and the music are right on point for the real prog fan, minus a bunch of the bombast. Music and more to take you to places you've only seen in dreams, it does the trick well.
(Para 1)

RESISTOR/5th Season: Approaching these sessions jam band style, when it came time to roll tape, these hard charging prog rockers turned all the paradigms on their heads. Going back to a time from probably before their parents were born, the 70s are alive and well in their spirits and minds. Following the path of the classics, it's like the times never left.

DEVIL'S STAIRCASE: Going deep into the time machine, this is the kind of stuff Charisma was releasing before they really found their footing and focus hoping something they were fielding would stick. The kind of stuff your grand parents rolled a doob for and called far out for lack of better profundities, go here if you want to expand your head.

GRACIOUS UNRUH XAVIER/71319 Live at Monforti Manor: Two cds of two sets of prog trio trippiness that kicks off with kalimba and poetry before turning into sort of a greatest hits set for the three talents involved. A recital for prog fans? It's not too far fetched.. Certainly one of those tour de forces where the players pull out all the stops to make sure they tickle all your senses.
(Bloodfish 71319)

Volume 45/Number 224
June 12, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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