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MIKE LeDONNE/It's All Your Fault: Mixing his Groovers Quartet with his Big Band, LaDonne forsakes the piano to sit down at the original organ Jimmy Smith played at Van Gelder's and leads this bunch of bad boys through some of the hippest and hottest grooves and licks in years. Totally smashing, it's a wild ride that makes it clear organ has never gone away. In the rights hands throughout.
(Savant 2183)

GEORGE CABLES/To Close for Comfort: Hotel lobby piano trios can swing but Cables has too many years of experience to play like he's being put out to pasture. With loads of swing and verve, this crew tears it up with the elder statesman leading the way in fine style. Whether kicking it out on originals or covers, he makes it all his own and he's got the heat turned up way more than you would think. Yep, hot stuff!
(Highnote 7335)

DAVE BASS/The Trio: Leaving the world of out sound because of a wrist injury and going to work for Kamala Harris, he's now back in the music world showing just how furious a jazzbo he can be as he leads his piano trio through a veritable wing ding of epic proportions. Moving and grooving with way too much swing for a cat that cashed paychecks from the attorney general's office, this is the way to go. These are chops to behold.
(Dave Bass Music)

CLIFFORD LAMB/Blues & Hues New Orleans: Packing it up from his SF base to kick it in Nawlins, Lamb mixes it up with some local luminaries as they all mix it up on his mash ups of style and form. A solidly innovative work that keeps you guessing as it keeps you on point. A delightfully tasty gumbo that really has it going on.
(Clifford Lamb Music)

ENDRICK & THE SANDWICHES/Sunny Soul: A Canadian take on the jam band ethos, these kids wander where the muse takes them with sun dappled silliness that any college kid would blow off chem lab to enjoy on the quad.
(Big in the Garden)

PORTER BLOCK/Clean Up the Living Room: Power pop with dark lyric over tones--what young adult doesn't like that? The best time to be an angry young man is now and this cat cashes in.

Volume 45/Number 217
June 5, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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