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VERONA QUARTET/Diffusion: A multi culti string quartet crew, they aim to make their repertoire as diverse as their backgrounds. On their debut, they find the folk melody side of classical realms making a musical mosaic of headliners works that all comes together nicely under their young but well honed chops. Quite a grand record and an auspicious debut, this bunch has what it takes.
(Anzic 71339)

JEROD IMPICHCHAACHAAHA TATE/Lowak Shoppala: The Native Americans are taking the ground once held by the African Americana with aggregations like AACM. In costume, make up and more, they use modern classical music as their launch pad. This set is kind of a multi media affair in which lines between disciples are crossed giving this a cinematic feel. A real ear opener for those up for the new paths the nu times deliver.
(Anzic 71329)

LISA ST. LOU/Ain't No Good Man: A white gal with the blues that has what it takes to get Ivan Neville to hang out, she's in the classic mode of the belter with some stuff on her mind about her man. A fresh of fresh air inspired by back in the day, St. Lou is our kind of gal that likes to serve it up hot.

ELEKTRIC VOODOO/Telescope: San Diego rockers that mix styles into a nu underground sound where the chops fly thick and fast. A moody, atmospheric set, this bunch is certainly post toasted and likes to get into off beat good times.
(Illusion Tournet)

DEREV/Leap of Faith: Solid nu prog trio that knows where the sturm and drang lie and know how to keep it mystical. With commercial concerns in the back of their minds, they aim high and target the mighty showing they've learned their lessons well.

RYMO/Kinetic: A drum solo record that goes the extra mile. With some all star help on board to really add the right seasonings, this tour de force is actually a pretty sweet prog rock date that feels like it takes wing at several points. On the money and certainly giving the Slightly Stoopid drummer a new platform to high dive from, this shakes the dust off jaded prog ears. Well done.

RUDI BERGER featuring Toninho Horta: Culled form over 30 years of recordings, this violin/guitar duo make it as lovely and lively as any set by Grappelli and who ever they paired him with. A pair of award winners with nothing to prove but plenty to show for just hang out and let it hang out. They just kill merely by keeping it that simple. Wonderful adult listening that will knock you out.
(Gramola 99240)

SCATMAN CROTHERS/Grooovin With Scatman: Stuff that's been sitting in a producer's closet for 45 years finally gets to escape. You get a different
Scatman here than you are used to as he's doing TV themes for shows that never got picked up and hanging out with a first call Hollywood orchestra. Not the typical novelty set that was reissued on micro labels, this is the cat really doing his real thing. Fun stuff whose only flaw is that it's way too short.
(Panda Digital)

RICHARD FORD/Basso Profondissimo 2: The background bass ace whose touch makes everything better goes purely left field here making the kind of set that you'd expect from Crimson cats going off on their own relying on tier own chops and little else. Kind of an exploratory work, it's an ear opener for out sounders that want it done right.

NATSUKI TAMURA/Koki Solo: The avant garde trumpeter celebrates his 70th birthday by himself blowing up a storm well made for those that really like to focus on one thing and nothing else. He almost doesn't need anyone else backing him up. Showing how to do sheets of sound on your own, this is wild stuff that certainly isn't cheese and crackers music.
(Libra 101066)

Volume 45/Number 216
June 4, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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