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PAUL SILBERGLEIT/Hidden Standard: The jazz guitarist takes a side trip here with a veritable good time album in which he and his buddies make their version of a very hip bar mitzvah record. Jazzing up a bunch of pop that doesn't normally get the chance to swing, they attack all outside material with the only home brewed touches being the arrangements. With some swing, Latin and bossa in the mix, this is the ultimate, modern rec room record delivering plenty of bounce to the ounce and a load of unhidden chops. Well done.
(Blujazz 3487)

JONATHAN EDWARDS/Right Where I Am: 50 years after his debut, Edwards comes back with his first album of all originals and it's about time. Well brewed over time, this could have been his second album or one of his Warners' albums as he's just one of those timeless folkies. Still a honky tonk stardust cowboy, this is the good time back porch album you've been looking for as he plays the part of an old pal that makes a welcome visit so well.
(Rising Records)

BEN REDDELL BAND/LA Baby: Texas roots rocker relocated to LA with a drive to create some new cosmic American music. A hard driving, hard rocking country rocker that isn't afraid to roll up his shirt sleeves, he invites you to put the top down and blast this on the open road. Right in the groove throughout.

SHERIDAN/On Myself: Barely out of high school, this rapper is right in the Internet star pocket. Youth speaking to youth, viral is a word that comes to mind here.
(Young LC)

EDDIE 9V/Little Black Flies: A white boy with the blues that turned away from the "path' to follow the blues to big impact at a young age, it looks like he's making another break out album here as it sounds like he was born in the back of a blues showroom and never bothered to leave. Classic vibes from the heart and soul, accusations of cultural appropriation be damned, this kid has it going on. The real deal for anyone that wants some authentic post war electric blues that never turns off the juice.
(Ruf 1289)

BLUE MUSE/It Never Entered My Mind: Fed up with 20 years of laboring in IT, the distaff sax leader of this crew followed her passion for Blue Note and comes in with a set that doffs the cap to Shorter, Silver and Sample without being a tributor or a manqué. Just tasty, solid grooving propels this overdue second album from the crew and they bring good vibes for all.

DABIN RYU/Wall: The debut release from this way too accomplished recent college grad originally from South Korea is the kind of beautifully put together outing that would make any indie label proud and probably make a few jealous they didn't get it first. A world class pianist/writer/leader that has a Goggle worthy resume well worth checking out, the straight ahead jazzbo can't go wrong trying this one on for size. Hot stuff throughout.

Volume 45/Number 213
June 1, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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