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FABIA MANTWILL ORCHESTRA/E.M.Perience: A real protean glass ceiling breaker, the German spitfire at the helm of this bag breaking experience (and debut) takes the jazz into classical realm to the next level of the game and zooms it into the future. Hallmarked by the sounds of days passed but molded into something new throughout, this experience avoids all art clichés and takes off into a pure sonic realm that mixes the vibes of concept albums with suites and more. A top shelf listening experience, this is one mighty auspicious debut.
(Xjazz 21001)

DINALLOS: A pair with a lot of pals, this bunch takes basic Americana and infuses it with loads of blues, soul and rock, sharp songwriting and an appealing earthiness that all fuses together at just the right heat. Never staying in one groove too long but never mixing it up in jarring fashion, this is for those adult ears that want something not too far out of the ordinary that works.
(Memphis International 2035)

KENDALL CARTER/Introducing: Spoiler alert-if he's friends with Dave Stryker, he should be friends with you too. A hot, hopping organ trio date with most of the tunes pulled from the heart of the daddio era, this groovathon with get your vote. High octane throughout, he's already set with this debut to put his name next to the masters of the art and the ax. Killer stuff.
(Lladnek 321)

TYLOR & the Train Robbers/Non-Typical Find: The opening chords just grab you by the unawares. From there, you move into the folk country Americana realm with a vibe that feels like a long lost Guy Clark vibe. They stand well on their own but some names stand as genres all on their own. Low key and plaintiff, this set can turn anyplace you sit into a back porch in no time. Showing how nice no bombast can sound, it's all in the bytes here---and then some. Hot stuff.

LOVELY LE PEREZ/Live at Savannah Jazz: A real swinger that came late to tearing up the boards but got her start in the church, this jazz vocalist might have come late to the fore but it doesn't mean she doesn't know how to infuse a groove and dig it out for all it's worth. A real jazz vocal treat with a smart crew of pros in step with her, Perez is one of those great surprise finds that make you wonder where she was all your life.

JILL McCARRON TRIO/Jazz Motif: Utterly solid piano trio jazz led by a gal that's been knocking them dead for years. A fellow traveler of Randy Brecker and other jazz police certified players, ever since she won her first competition, you can well hear she never looked back. With a set card of classics and chestnuts leading the way, this is a mighty fine calling card for anyone that wants to hear the real deal done right. Hot stuff.

JUDSON GREEN/Gratitude: The former president of Disney theme parks and fought off leukemia for 9 years with a stem cell transplant might have finally succumbed but he left us his jazz roots behind. Probably one of those cats that left the music but always wanted to come back to it, this is a fine send off and remembrance in smooth jazz fashion. We should all be capable of leaving legacies like this.

SANDHYA/Innocent Monster: An art chick that's been knocking them dead in Baltimore for years steps up to a national platform to bring her jagged little paths to the masses. Arty without the art clichés, there's skills to pay the bill underneath it all but you'll got to be listening in the pomo/post-genre set of ears to really get it.

Volume 45/Number 207
May 26, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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