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ASHLEIGH FLYNN & the Riveters/Live From the Blue Moon: A live radio broadcast from a regional insurgent country bunch that knows how to honor the past amid their crop of worthy originals. Knowing how to== keep the crowd's attention at a county fair, they'll know how to keep you on board as well. Tasty stuff that's as fresh as the air they breathe.
(Home Perm)

BRIAN BROMBERG/Little Driving Music: Not sure which way the bass man wants us to take the title. Is this music for the open road or music that just keeps coming? Rounding up the usual first call fusion suspects, the gang hops in for a ride full of music that just doesn't quit. Energized by the pandemic rather than demoralized by it, this is a real top down, four on the floor date that has it all. If blue skies with the Allman's isn't your thing, this certainly is. Hot.
(Artistry 7077)

STEVE COLE/Smoke & Mirrors: Rounding up a crew with various interests and various resumes to prove that at the end of the day, music is the universal language and chops are chops, the sax man serves up classic smooth jazz from the time before consultants made it yucky. An easy going date that always has you in good hands, this is a set if tunes for adults that want it hear it done right.
(Artistry 7073)

SLIDE ATTACK/Road Trip: Inspired by those cool Johnson/Winding blowing dates you found in your grand pa's basement that made you wonder why you didn't know he was so hip, this bone duo blows up a solid, straight ahead jazz storm that finds them in the company of a trio of cats that know how to make originals feel like chestnuts you just can't place. Fun stuff throughout, this can easily make your backyard a night out.
(SACD 321)

JONATHAN KARRANT-JOSHUA WHITE/Shadows Fall: With a voice made for cabaret and a piano touch that follows suit, this duo takes a wide variety of material and rolls it all into it's own genre as opposed to a mish mash set of genre hopping with a look at me vibe. An utterly cool showcase that'll widen your horizons, after a long day of working those quants, this is solid work to kick back and feel grown up with.

HENRY SKIPPER FRANKLIN/Showers & Blessings: With Back Jazz reissues putting his whole career at your finger tips, the vet bass ace shows he has nothing to prove and delivers a sassy set loaded with curve balls that all adds up to a gasser. Focusing on the kind of jazz that kept you up at night listening to oddball radio stations before the Beatles wave washed over everything, take it from a cat that was there and laying it down then----this is the real deal. Hot stuff throughout.
(Skipper Productions 1036)

WAXWING/Flicker Down: A chamber jazz trio that specializes in art jazz without being avant garde, they take some real sonic flights of fancy where the inter play is as important as the playing. A real sitting down listening session, there's only three of them but they throw so much at you at once that takes several listenings to appreciate it all. Different and out of the ordinary, their infrequent recordings give you the chance to really experience growth with them and dig how they properly know how to mine this vein. Well done.
(Songlines 1633)

ANDRE FERRERI QUINTETTO/Numero Uno: A bebopping jazz guitarist that's just at home with being on call for the local symphony as he is doing work for TV, he knows how to knock out some invigorating originals that sound like they are part of the tradition as opposed to merely inspired by it. Knowing how to light a fire under his crew, everyone is kicking it like this was recorded back in the day and it doesn't feel dated or manquéy at all. Pure daddio goodness throughout.
(Laser 730)

DOUG MacDONALD/Live in Hawaii: When you think of swing and Hawaii you think of Don Ho. But he's a swinger, not swing. Guitarist MacDonald goes back to the place he honed his chops as a jazzbo, finds some locals that appreciate what's up his sleeve and they proceed to swing. Calling off a set list that you can deliver at a pick up gig, this was recorded for local public radio---and they know how to swing too. With a light touch by all that seems inspired by sun and surf, you can ride these waves all days without a problem. Right on all the way.
(DMAC 19)

ARI EREV/Close to Home: No matter what the genre, when you come across music that's really heartfelt, it just plain resonates. The piano man shows his international chops in this display of playing that has a sadness that underscores it. The crew reflects what going on in the times as well as how it affects their hearts and minds with an uplifting vibe that winks at you when no one is looking. A sitting down listening jazz experience that is sure to move you.

Volume 45/Number 205
May 24, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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