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TOD LIPPY/Yearbook: Talk about a bottom up cat. Lippy started out editing a magazine that featured a cd from top alt acts working at their malcontent best. It inspired him to try his hand at things. That led him to Eddie Kramer who can still kick it out righteously 50 years later. By now a full fledged malcontent in his own right, if you live life on the alt side of the dial, this is going to be a fine point on the curve for you.

FRANK MORELLI-KEITH OXMAN/Ox-Mo Incident: Visceral meets egghead as a jazz improviser hooks up with a classical professor on a set card of mostly chestnuts. The two light a fire that looks improbable on paper but uses that paper for kindling as they really set things on fire. A smoking straight ahead date that is pure fun to play, one can only hope this pairing was as much fun for them to play as it is to listen to and that there's more of the same in the offing. Hot stuff.
(Capri 74165)

LMNOP/WhatNoP donW7: Paired down from the trio of Ellum Enno Pei to a one man band, the prime mover of the crew is still a prime mover. The original malcontent, back when you just had to be anti-establishment without being dour about it, the hard core left fielder hasn't come in from out there yet, still providing high octane hijinx for anyone with a snaky sense of humor. So indie it hurts, what to you expect from the cat that created the original missing dog head poster and is still going strong 30 years later? Wonderfully devious!
(Baby Sue 663)

CHRIS GILL/Between Midnight & Louise: Take it out to the back porch and settle in for something as organic as it gets. Wearing his love for Mississippi John Hurt on his sleeve, if there were some references to Maxwell House coffee and funky butts, you'd be hard pressed to believe this is a white boy with the blues. A killer guitarist that doesn't need any accompaniment other than his strumming hand, this is a first class trip to back in the day with no self consciousness or irony in any of the licks. Killer stuff you don't even have to like the blues to love.
(Endless Blues)

HAZEL MITCHELL-BELL/Sack Full of Dreams: If there's something in the water, Mitchell-Bell has been wetting her whistle at the same fountain as Amber Weekes and Nnenna Freelon have been lately. Running the jazz/soul/blues gamut on a well broken in set of tunes from across the ages while making them all her own, this is top shelf jazz vocal, with a top shelf crew in tow. Solid.
(Jazz Beyond Borders)

RALE MICIC/Only Love Will Stay: The Serbian jazz guitarist takes his stateside crew to places this trio might not have ventured to otherwise. Not world jazz so much as worldly jazz, there might only be three pieces but they are inspired to cut loose in some amazing and somewhat out of character ways. A tasty trip through parts unknown, he knows what to do but he's sure handed enough to know how to do it his way. Well done.
(Whaling City Sound 127)

AARON JAY MYERS/Clever Machines: An egghead with enough of a sense of humor that he's fronted punk and hard core bands, this guitarist is writing for a pack of different ensembles here and not letting his works be put into a simple bag. Always musically adventurous, we get a sonic tour of everything from crime jazz to semi conventional moves. Always intriguing if you've got a spirit of adventure, this might be nu classical but it's as far away from pots and pans music as you can get.
(New Focus 297)

MASABUMI KIKUCHI/Hanamichi: The final studio recording by the vet minimalist piano man, this is a solo set in which he lets the muse take him where it will whether improvising or improvising on known, composed works. A heavy duty trip into art jazz, you have to wonder how this guy escaped the early era of ECM.
(Red Hook 1001)

CAPITOL BONES/Beat Goes On: A complimental piece to Airmen of Note in a way in that the leader here spent over 30 years in various Army bands. With Matt Niess surrounding himself with some smoking DC area jazzbos, this is some hard hitting stuff that puts trombone out front on a varied set card that all adds up to jazz no matter where it originated. A really caffeinated recording that can't help but to perk you up.
(Summit 778)

CHES SMITH We All Break: Ok world beaters, just how much voodoo music have you been grooving to since Boukman's Experyance? This generous and lavishly packaged brick gives you two discs---the same program presented twice performed at different times, and two extensive books that come all packaged in this brick. Finding modern jazz to mix into the voodoo mix, it somehow has all the elements of a new age set that should be able to put you into a trance. Wild stuff that no one will be mad at you for if it puts you to sleep. It's kind of supposed to. This is something truly new and different.
(Pyroclastic 14/15)

Volume 45/Number 189
May 8, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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