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CHICO TRUJILLO/Chico De Oro: God love pomo genre benders everywhere. This cumbia crew is now in their tenth year of taking traditional folk/ethnic music, rocking it up and genre splicing whatever they need to get the sonic job done. What would the sound of Martin Denny on peyote on a vision quest sound like? One spin here ought to give you the answer. Party music for a science fiction party, this is delightfully crazy stuff that is so deceptively clever you'll be coming back for more before you know what hit you. Check it out.

SANDRO ALBERT QUARTET/Vertical: Sunny day music from a Brazilian guitar jazzbo that's been paying his dues without complaint and honing his chops while others think a reality show is the way to stardom. Real playing for fans looking for real listening, as a writer/player/leader, this cat has it on the ball throughout. A winning session that just a great attitude enhancer no matter where you park you moodicon. Well done.

ROSARIO GIULLANI/Lennie's Pennies: Creative jazz sax man sounds like he was fed on classic lower level New York club jazz but he's from across the pond all the way. Opening up with some classic Lennie Tristano blowing, he makes no effort to taper off as things proceed. Straight ahead/post bop, this high intensity date is tailor made for the hipster in everyone really looking for a killer date to get them off. Well done.

ALDO ROMANO/Origine: Really well done take on lush, listening jazz that feels like the sum total of his 70 years showing their fruition. A smartly composed set, Romano takes a few turns here when not leading the band. Unabashed Euro-romantic in execution, this is the kind of music you think you can play in the background but it quickly over takes the scene. Brainy without being precious, this is real adult music done right to the max.

GERALD ALBRIGHT/Pushing the Envelope: The sax master is in kind of retro mood as he metaphorically looks back at his quarter century in the biz, and casts his gaze even farther back than that, as he serves up the New York flavored funk that was a tonic right around the time disco began washing over everything. A solid bastion of funk, even the obligatory ‘radio' cuts aren't annoying here as they often are in other sessions. Simply a high octane party celebrating chops and great playing that doesn't quit. There's nothing here to take seriously except how hot the cool playing is. This certainly let's the good times roll. Well done.

JEFF LORBER/Now Is the Time: With cats he didn't have access to when he started out 30 years ago in Oregon, Lorber resurrects the Jeff Lorber Fusion giving a modern spin to the oldies from his back pages that have often become pop vocabulary staples from aggressive sampling along the way. A nice look back that many buying his stuff today are probably unaware of in toto form, this is a dandy walk through the fusion garden with some of it's finest practitioners showing the way. Totally solid contemporary jazz listening date that you really don't have to be sitting down to enjoy.

FRANK CARLBERG/Tivoli Trio: What "Take the A Train" was to the Harlem Renaissance, Carlberg tries to make "Tivoli Trio" be that to the circus midway. You know there's some serious Euro thought going on behind that. Certainly succeeding as an impressionistic date on that score, while the music isn't really left leaning, you have to have left leaning tastes to appreciate this fun house ride through states of mind that are seen as you traverse the midway. Not merely different for the sake of being different, it's something that's kind of out there.

JIMMY AMADIE TRIO/Kindred Spirits: After battling lung cancer, the snappiest piano man you never heard of is back with his 7th lp, and after following most of them, this is not the work of a cat with lung cancer and tendonitis in his hands. A marvelously swinging date with a thorobred crew of all stars in tow, this is simply a smoking mainstream date that will blow your ears way open. With a rotating crew of sax aces in the featured spot, Amadie and his gang (ahem, Steve Gilmore and Bill Goodwin) make it all work no matter who they toss into the mix. A lovely listening album that is a real high water mark.

Volume 33/Number 174
April 24, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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