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HUMAN BEING: Decorated composer Rossano Baldini has so much creativity pouring out his pores that he had to raise a new identity for his organic/electric minimalist visions--- but he's still the same cat with deep chops. Perhaps pioneering nu sounds in crime jazz, there's something noirish in the brightness here. A deeply interesting trip for deep listeners that want to sink into the music.
(Rare Noise 127)

THREE LAYER CAKE/Stove Top: Three improvisers from across the genres and across the world get together virtually to let their freak flags fly across everything that gets into their way. Dandy avant garde music that could be an inspiring Pelotron soundtrack as well as anything else that needs inspiration for out of the ordinary, this is what you get when pent up chops refuse to drop.
(Rare Noise 128)

HALLEY DEVESTERN BAND/Live-Money Ain't Time: New York badasses bring their heat and energy to the Midwest and invite unneeded comparisons to Janis and her bunch. These meat and potatoes blues rockers exist in their own time zone and this live date proves it beyond all challenge. With a set card that checkerboards originals with soul standards, it's all you need from a crew that's doing a fine job of rewriting the book. Hot stuff.

ROSALYN McCLORE/Pretty Painted Ladies of Wellington Street: The problem with confusing fashion and music is that it leads you to overlook the sophisticated soul of someone like Nancy Wilson because it's ‘out of fashion'. Don't let the music police tell you what you can enjoy or not. McClore learned her lessons from the old school but there's no dust on her. This solid entry of sophisticated soul is for the real vocal fan that wants the real deal. A solid new find, she's got the goods that go the distance. Well done.

AL GROMER KHAN/Singing Back to Ziryah: In the 9th century, a black slave got caught diddling the king's wife when the king came home unexpectedly. Thinking ahead about the crime of non-aversion, he beat it on the lam and wound up doing more for women's liberation than all the bra burners could. He also became the anti-techno proving that music other than Barry White was the way to a woman's heart. Low and slow, kind of like all those Motown bass lines. Khan expands the concept here but keeps true to the original vision. Putting his own touches to what might be mistaken for a minimalist record, it might not be your groove, but it really is the groove. A real mind and heart expanding session.
(Rasa 844628)

Volume 45/Number 164
April 13, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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