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JUDY COLLINS/White Bird: If Tay Tay can rerecord her oldies but goodies for her own label and own the masters, why shouldn't Collins? With a hand picked collection of greatest hits (and some that should be) both newly recorded and pulled from her own earlier releases, this is the essential late period Collins collection, not that she sounds late period in it at all. Essential listening for ears of a certain age, this is a fine look back at the voice of a generation.
(Cleopatra/Wildflower 2254)

69 CATS/Seven Year Itch: The Gothabilly super group with Danny Harvey's hands on the wheel delivers a malcontent good time meant to rock the suburbs at it's roots. The commercial side of malcontent, parent won't be inspired to toss the kids into rehab when they hear this coming up from the basement---but they will be concerned. A real wild ride and an off kilter good time.
(Cleopatra 2199)

TIA CARROLL/You Gotta Have It: So in the Etta James tradition that she's been singing with James' cuz for years, this is a soul blues blaster that has been bubbling under for way too long. With a crew that believes good taste is timeless backing her up, this is classic soul blues that doesn't cotton to retro or nu---it just is. And it smokes. This is the real deal for frat boys that had the balls to go to the Dexter Lake Club on a whim. Hot, smoking stuff throughout.
(Little Village 1039)

ELIZABETH CHANG/Transformations: Talk about lineage. Chang focuses on the works of three modern composers, she studied under one and that one studied under the other two. Playing violin here with a particular passion that comes from being at one with the music, this is the kind of passion that you thought was only contrived for romantic movies trying to make a point quickly. This is real and you can feel it as well as hear it. Heavy duty stuff that can turn a classical music tourist into a seeker.
(Albany 1850)

PHILL FEST/Café Fon Fon: His pop was Manfredo, he's pals with Hendrik Muerkins and has a guest spot from Antonio Adolfo. What more recommendation do you need? A killer jazz/bossa guitarist right in the family tradition, this is probably the kind of stuff Sergio Mendes would be making if he could play from the heart instead of for the record company. Ha, ha, this connects hard. A vacation on a platter people pay good money to runaway and collide with vibes like this. Ever tasty!

ECHO PARK PROJECT/It's My Turn: Muy caliente salsa! With a shadow of old school lingering over the proceedings, this is the kind of set gringos can enjoy no matter ho many left feet they try to dance with at once. Swinging stuff that makes any time and place a wonderful summer day, put it on your smart phone and make everyplace a party. Well done.

PATTI PARKS/Whole Nother World: Talk about a white girl with the blues having a full plate... By day, she's a nurse that works with troubled kids, by night, an award winning blues belter that's heating up cold western New York nights. Tearing it up like she once got a transfusion from Koko Taylor, Parks is a load of authentic soul that knows the blues. Without a wasted track in the bunch, prepare to meet your new fave blues belter. Hot stuff.
(Booga/Vizz Tone 3)

BOB CORRITORE/Spider in My Stew: Once again if nothing else, you gotta love his noir/tiki era art work. Of course, there's plenty more to like--especially audio wise. With everyone in the blues world invited to play on this party, Willie Dixon gets his due as do the blues in general. A rollicking good time that digs in and doesn't let go, this is how you have a wang dang doodle all night long. Killer stuff.
(SWMAF/Vizz Tone 18)

ERIN PROPP & LARRY ROY/We Want All the Same Things: This charming album is the album Joni Mitchell would have made if she really wanted to be a jazz vocalist and not be concerned with the star maker machinery. Of course, these Canadians did it their own way and still got award recognition. Always gentle but never twee, this duo and their vast pals know how to make friendly records that will come to be welcome everywhere. A winner throughout.
(Chronograph 79)

HUSTLE SOULS/Daydream Motel: A nice slice of Americana that you don't run across enough unless you spend a lot of time at Nawlins funerals, this crew colors outside the lines adding fun and funk to the proceedings and crafting their own party on the outskirts of town. Powered by chops that know the terrain, this is a fun time for left leaners.

Volume 45/Number 163
April 12, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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