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LORNE LOFSKY/This Song is New: The master jazz guitarist records infrequently because he likes to focus on his original compositions---and that's why this is his first set as a leader in 20 years. With 40 years of first call jazz under his belt, sets like this show he knows all the right moves and how to age like fine wine. A solidly tasty date where his years as a sideman comes together to give all on board a chance to shine for his cause. Well done.
(Modica 28)

MARQUES CARROLL/Ancestors' Call: A Chicago trumpet mainstay blows out the jams on this soul jazz set that's part throwback, part not. While skirting the edges of civil rights jazz, the vibe is firmly somewhere in the 50s-70s bag with a feeling of music leading the way to enlightenment. Without delivering sermons even when vocalists step up, the music is the message---plain and simple. Smart stuff that comes from the heart as well as the mind and fingers.

STEVEN FEIFKE BIG BAND/Kinetic: A youngster that's running so fast to leave his mark his resume is way more diverse than you'd expect, here he struts his stuff on his big band debut, chock full of young lions you already know, playing madly. A piano man that can direct and arrange for seemingly anything, this swinging, badass date delivers the goods in a most electrifying fashion. A hot date for hot stuff fans.
(Outside In 2112)

EVAN ARNTZEN/Countermelody: A trip down to Nawlins for a bunch of tea pad tunes that are played with the kind of passion that led Big Joe Turner to take up residency in a Storyville whorehouse in the 50s. These songs well predate that. Knock on the door at the speak easy, give them the secret pass word and the secret handshake and let this set take you back to a time and place when the living was easy. All time machines should be this well oiled.
(Dot Time 9099)

SPIKE WILNER TRIO/Aliens & Wizards A quintessential New York jazzbo, Wilner is a real have piano, will travel kind of cat. Playing the orchestras of past masters while running his forward looking clubs, here we find him harnessing his pent up pandemic energy and letting the fur fly. This is a smoking trio of jazzbos that's here to play, not play around. It's all right in the classic piano trio pocket throughout. Well done.
(Cellar 120120)

BERTA MORENO/Tumaini: Inspired by a sojourn in Africa, this new addition to our roster of saxy ladies serves up a smoking set that has a feel like it's got a lot of roots in 70s soul jazz. A nice update on the Flora/Airto sound, Moreno has a lot of mastery at her finger tips and this set is sure to brighten up gloomy days where a nice kick is required. Well done.

PAUL BEDAL/Cerulean Stars: There's not a lot in the way of credits on this piano man's set but there's enough to let us know Chicago's Matt Ulery and his double bass are lurking in the proceedings. A piano quartet that knows how to walk the fine line between art and commerce, they blur it when needed but mostly deliver a set to tickle your ears. A solid listening date that can do some inspiring along the way.

ADAM MOEZINIA/Folk Element Trio: Angular jazz guitar trio that doesn't believe in boundaries covers Ellington and Dylan on the same record. Short of being experimental but always ear opening, this sure ain't your daddy's Wes manqué, this is a nu cat showing how it's done. The times they are a changing'.
(Outside In 2105)

JEFF COFFIN-HELEN GILLET/Let It shine: The unstoppable creative force that is Coffin rounds up his wind instruments, a cello playing pal, a bunch of electronics and a Wooten for good measure and delivers an art jazz date that pays homage to everything from Debussy to Raymond Scott. Eclectic? I think he wrote the book. This is your tour guide for coloring outside the lines.
(Ear Up 437)

REBECCA KILGORE TRIO/Vol. 1: Way too proud of her vitae to take offense at being called a grande dame or a doyenne, Kilgore and her trio just kill it here. Whether the tunes are old or new or hidden gems, she makes them all her own on this master class in the art of jazz vocal. Killer stuff throughout.
(Heavywood 71993)

Volume 45/Number 160
April 9, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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