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LILLY/The Song is You: The jazz vocalist tries a new tack, going deep into the great American songbook and finding ways to compartmentalize it without repeating herself. A worthy experiment. Digging deep into what we find familiar, her and guitarist Gilad Hekselman add a trumpeter, record in a day and make a great vocal album without having to rely on tropes like making it cabaret flavored. Jazz vocal fans have a delight here that goes the distance.
(Double Moon 71386)

UASSYN/Zacharya: From Switzerland they came, a jazz power trio that colors outside the lines bringing a wave of loft jazz nostalgia in it's wake. Hard charging noise makers that never met a rest they ever liked, these high energy kids are out to slam their way into your heart.
(Double Moon 71387 Jazz Thing Next Generation Vol. 87)

SIMONE DINNERSTEIN/American Mosaic: Modern classical of a different stripe as the pianist takes on a new work, commissioned to bring relief in the time of pestilence. With each of the miniatures dedicated to a segment of the public that doing the best they can with what they have, it's a finely crafted dramatic work recorded right in Dinnerstein's house. A deep session well constructed to make you feel.
(Supertrain 25)

TOMISLAV GOLUBAN/Express Connection: Back to Memphis for the eastern European where he tears it up once again with his harp cutting like a knife. Yeah, it has a distinctly white boy with the blues feeling but that doesn't slow it down a step from being the real thing. Just the thing to get the party started and the corpuscles moving, this is what you play to get the shack shaking. Hot.
(Blue Heart 6)

CACTUS/Tightrope: Holy Vanilla Fudge, the American Zep is back in town. Carmine Appice is once again directing from the back of the riser and they sound like arena rocking never faded away. Even if they just wind up playing neighborhood fests in mall parking lots, you'll feel 50 years younger jamming out to this again.
(Purple Pyramid 2201)

MIKE TIANO/Creetisvan: With inspiration from Zappa and Pedro Bell while Billy Sherwood lurks somewhere in the mix, it's beyond pomo, it's weird for the sake of weird. It's been a long time since malcontents could arise behind something and this prog lite seems like just the thing for disaffected suburban kids that want a nu voice of their own.

DARWIN 3/Unplugged: A zesty dose of symphonic rock that has more strum and drang per ounce than the leading competitor. You could easily see this crew competing with Mannheim Steamroller. Nicely done.
(Origin of Species)

JANE GETTER PREMONITION/Anomalia: A shedarooney gal with a Sunburst crowd funds her way into hanging with a high tone segment of the usual suspects and turns in a set that will never be accused of being a vanity project. Rocked up jazz with jazz from hell accents, enlightened types that don't mind a distaff guitar hero to head bang with and are up for a good time among one of the first times they'll be hanging with an actual girl will dig it. Check it out.
(Esoteric Antenna 1089)

WILL PORTER/Tick Tock Tick: Reissue of one of the better blue eyed soul releases of the last decade (or more) with all the Memphis etc you can handle. Deeply steeped in southern soul, it has all the bad ass moves that can be packed into a single cd. Utterly killer stuff that hasn't aged a single tick, let alone a tock.
(Gramofono 1002)

KAT DANSER/One Eye Open: Did you know Gus Cannon wrote songs other than "Walk Right In"? Danser does. Stashed among the other goodies on this back road blues album, Danser knows all there is to know about blue eyed soul and she shares that knowledge gladly here. A sassy set from a blues mama that knows what he wants and surely knows how to get it. Hot stuff.
(Black Hen)

JOANIE PALLATTO/My Original Plan: Take a classic jazz thrush album. Give it a distinctly Chicago edge. Make the tunes all original to the singer. Press the play button and get out of the way. The Chicago mainstay steps up to the mic and makes the album of a life time, so subtle it could be a variation on samba but with the force of a runaway train. A just plain delicious set waiting for you to dig in.
(Southport 152)

Volume 45/Number 140
March 20, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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