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GRAVELY JAMES/From Steve's Shed: A delightful return tot the old college coffeehouse days with a blues infused kid that's been tearing it up in the greater Niagara area. Pretty much mastering the one man band gig, James barrels down the rails like a modern day John Koerner with loads of good time rambling vibes. A throwback for grand pa, a real find for modern ears looking for the vibe to drive them nuts. Solid stuff from a real comer.

YOHAN GIAUME/Whisper of a Shadow: Sounding very much like it should be a soundtrack for a director that tends to make sweeping opuses, this Nawlins recorded date has a real old time feel making it part of period you can't quite put your finger on. With a cast of pros on board, there's something wildly different going on here but it's done within the framework of something feeling familiar. An impressionistic work at it's core, if you ever wanted to live in a painting, this is a work you must check out.

JESSE TERRY/When We Wander: The modern troubadour/folkie who can play to masses of any size is now a daddy and his music reflects it accordingly. Not living on the road this past year for obvious reasons, it's given him a chance to live in things other than hotel rooms and that's reflected here as well. Nice, easy going stuff for waters that have already been roiled too much.
(Wander 1)

KATE STENBERG/Middle Ground: The aggressively forward thinking classical violinist takes on the soundtrack of Robert Honstein's new film and shows that she's one of the few probably up for the challenge. Largely a trip through the cosmos, classical meets head music and the presentation is pulled off as only she can do. Not your grand pa's session.
(OM 2030)

HITMAN BLUES BAND/Not My Monkey Not My Circus: The modern blues crew shows the punters how to make a party go on all night long and then some. Rollicking stuff that ebbs and flows in a way that keeps you in the palm of it's hand. This is a great gift for anyone on your list that needs to come down off the cross.
(Nerus 4493)

THE LADLES/Springville Sessions: Call it a folk record at your own peril. They might be distaff and give off an airy fairy organic vibe but watch out. Coming together when they realized they were the only three women in an improvised music program, these highly skilled, highly chopped women may have chosen to disguise themselves as three Joni Mitchells-----but it's just a disguise. One you open your ears to this set, your mind will be blown by the writing, the harmonies, the playing-----the whole enchilada. Witness this and witness the unveiling of a new cultural bonanza. Killer stuff throughout.

DEATHRAY DAVIES/Time Well Wasted: Is this the Kinks pomo grandsons? That's why they're called "Davies"? Did I break the code? I think I did and you might think so too. If the politicians can make us think it's 1965 again why can't the musos?
(We Know Better 9)

AJ FULLERTON/Forgiver & the Runaway: One of the real tent poles of the modern Colorado blues scene, Fullerton is more of a laid back/jam rocker than a blues band but he traverses so much roots territory that the tag seems to fit. A little reminiscent of James Taylor before he sanded off the rough edges so he could visit the mainstream more often, it falls right in the pocket on the natch. A sizzling debut from a real comer.
(Vizz Tone AJF 001)

MARK LEWIS QUARTET/Naked Animals: Not one to look back in anger, Lewis looks back a these 30 year old sessions, originally recorded near the end of his 14 year stay in Holland, with fondness. And rightfully so. Delightfully timeless and loaded with swing, he assembled a crew of local all stars and they kicked out the jams as one. With a welcome late night/after hours feel most of the way through, this is solid alone time jazz when all you want in the room is you and the record. Tasty stuff that was apparently made for the ages.
(Audio Daddio 1015)

Volume 45/Number 136
March 16, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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