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KALI TRIO/Loom: Nice little set that'll keep you guessing as it veers from electro to jazz to trance to prog to wide open forward thinking playing that might be contemporary classical or not. Those that like their stuff cogent but from deep in left field have some kindred spirits here.
(Ronin Rhythm 26)

ROBERT JURJENDAL/Water Will Find a Way: Just suppose Richard Thompson decided to go ambient. Add some voices, a little coloration and you have this guitar slinger's métier. A little spiritual and sure to take you to other places, go deep within this and you'll have nothing to fret about.
(New Dog 12)

ETERNAL RETRUN/Only Once: Where forward thinking and prog meet, this crew is loaded with modern mysticism and other worldly vibes. For aspirational teens that have it figured out that beat music for strippers isn't going to feel deep or mysterious as it really has no imagery to take you to those places. This does.
(New Dog 11)

BABYFLOW/Oblivious: The cat behind this says he's influenced by "The Who Sell Out" but I keep hearing echoes of We're Only in It for the Money". Either way, if covid has forced you into a corner of needing to get your 60s groove on, this is the blind date that won't let you down.
(Wildflow 1003)

JOSU DE SOLAUN/Schumann & Brahms Digressions: An utterly inspired ace of a classical pianist links two of the most important works of the romantic period delivering an incredibly romantic album that has so much sweep and grandeur that you forget he's out there alone center stage. Digging all the nuance out of the music (the digressions), the sweep of this opus only ranges that much wider. With the familiarity of many of the passages, this is one of those neat classical sets that newbies don't have to be worried about being intimidated by. Lush and grand, if you can picture a classy dinner without this playing in the background to add to the mood, you need to sharpen your imagination. Well done.
(Ibs 32021)

ORQUESTA FILARMONICA DE MALAGA/Mahler 5: The orchestra celebrates it's 30th anniversary by pulling out all the stops on this extravaganza Mahler tent pole. As bold as anything you'd expect from the golden age of Masterworks and Living
Stereo when Paley and Sarnoff were in a battle of making the biggest statements, if this doesn't get any arm chair conductors waving their arms madly, check their blood pressure to make sure he's not dead. As good as it gets.
(Ibs 192020)

JOE HARJO/I Pray for My Enemies: Hook a Native American poet laureate up with alt.rockers and the standard bearers of Seattle rock, add some funk and grooves and what to you get? Maybe something that gives people who holler ‘socialist' a bit too much aneurisms? Kids, the poetry tent has gotten way more inclusive since the time the beats were holding up the tent pole. Treat this as an audio cinematic experience and your mind will be easily blown. Check it out.
(Sunyata 1)

MEGAN LACY/Salvation: This NoCal gal that relocated to Austin has the perfect disc for ears that like deep things but are too often put off by things being too depressing on that track. With words that comes from a deep within place, this story teller is singing just for you at those times when a dark night of the soul might be right around the corner.

GARY NEGBAUR/You've Got to Be Carefully Taught: A jazz piano trio with a cabaret edge, this vocalist knows how to mix up the song list from across the decades into a tasty mix and has long been well skilled in hitting all the right notes. A fun diversion for when you want to turn down the noise and turn up the vibes.
(Blujazz 3496)

YOGA DREAMLAND/various: What's the worst thing about yoga? How about those drippy, bad synth CASSETTES instructors keep digging up at Goodwill? Putumayo has gotten us so spoiled with their world beat excursions that it's easy to overlook they are no strangers to yoga music. This disc, made for kids and adults, goes a long way in righting the wrongs perpetrated by others for far too long. Gentle and invigorating, the crew went deep here licensing most of these tracks directly from the musos and sequencing them in such a way that others could take lessons. Everything about this set says it's for kids but I say it's a nice bet for kids of all ages. Now drop and give me downward facing dog.
(Putumayo 383)

Volume 45/Number 126
March 6, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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