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DANIELE GERMANI/Congregation of Folks: It's always fun to catch the debut of a sure fingered new talent that's on the rise. This Italian sax man has a firm grip on modern jazz and knows how to make his blows. Leading a crew that's right in step, this is highest order listening jazz that works well throughout. Tasty.
(Gleam 7004)

JANINAH BURNETT/Love the Color of Your Butterfly: With muso roots in both her blood lines, this opera singer that knows her way around jazz is sure to open your ears in a presentation that straddles both genres and really gets your ears thinking. Working oldies from both sides of those fences with a crew that's steeped in jazz, this butterfly of a different color will bring your synapses to attention quickly. Art jazz with a smidge of 50s vibe in the tracks, this is really out of the ordinary.
(Clazz 1)

ALLAN HARRIS/Kate's Soul Food: You don't need to be Duke to hitch a ride to Sugar Hill as Harris shows with this tribute to his aunt's soul food place that was located right be hind the Apollo. Jazz, soul and funk come together properly and righteously as he gives back the love that he got from there back in the day. A totally spirited romp through time and space, this set will ping chords you didn't know you had. Hot.

PLS.TRIO/Cosmonauts: Improv meets melody as these three jazzbos take flight on set #2 in which they play their own things but come together at just the right moments and junctures. Not exactly music for the cosmos, they're just electric jazzbos with a different slant on things that really know how to deliver. A solid listening set that won't leave you high and dry.
(Dot Time 9088)

MICHAEL WOLFF/Live at Vitellos: Even if you aren't familiar with this award winning piano man, his pals like Mark Isham and Mike Clark ought to do some speaking for you. A moody live set from pals that took 40 years to finally record together, there's a smoky Hollywood after hours feel to it all, that feeling is real. Solid stuff from pros in the know.
(Sunnyside 1615)

JIHYE LEE ORCHESTRA/Daring Mind: The large ensemble leader gets the chance to showcase award winning and specially composed compositions here highlighting the fact that large ensemble work is far from over with and that she's planning on being a standard bearer. Loaded with modern accents to keep nu ears interested, anyone can enjoy this as it's loaded with relatable sounds and tunes that hit the mark. Well done.
(Motema 385)

RONI BEN-HUR/Stories: The guitarist changes things up here with a set that's world/jazz and filled with world political overtones. Populated by a crew that's as diverse as the times and comes complete with more chops that you can imagine, this is a thinking man's set aimed at opening the ears as well as the mind and heart. This is one of those sets that you just can't deliver unless it's really personal.
(Dot Time 9098)

ALYSSA ALLGOOD/What Tomorrow Brings: Lots of thrushes try to make it out of Chicago, Allgood's third album makes it feel like she might be the one. Not needing to affect the faux smart girl look to let us know how clever she is, this is a real jazz vocal set that capably mixes the old and new and is bottomed by vocals that really cover the jazz waterfront. Hot stuff for hot times.
(Cellar 12121)

JIM SNIDERO/Live a the Deer Head Inn: This has all the elements right in place. Almost an off the clock recording, this set was recorded at the august club during the pandemic with his superstar pals right in step. The set card might be one you could call off from the bandstand without much prep but the chops can not be denied or diminished. Pure playing for pure listening, this is a real murderer's row plying their trade in fine style. Not to be missed.
(Savant 2193)

CHARLIE SEPULVEDA & the Turnaround/This is Latin Jazz: Caliente! The title means it's real Latin jazz from Puerto Rico. Mostly original with a guest list that'll blind you, this blowing is ferocious and the vibe doesn't quit. It's been proven this cat knows his stuff and here he shows he hasn't forgotten a thing. Just what you need to chase the end of winter away.
(High Note 7331)

Volume 45/Number 125
March 5, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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