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PROFESSOR AUCOIIN & THE JAZZ SCIENTISTS/Mystified: Too old and possessing too many chops to be young malcontents, they play with the abandon and spirit of those who just discovered that jazz and funk mix well. A sassy good time cat that's played with everyone from Allen Toussaint to the Glenn Miller Orchestra, he takes a particular glee in letting you know this by playing it all out at once. A crew that loves being off the clock after hours, the party is on them. Check it out.

FOSTER JOSEPH/Foster: A swinging Caribbean bass cat swings mightily in a Freddie Cole vein as he sings and swings on chestnuts fresh from his roaster. With that special gift for making something old new again, this is a trip back to your fave jazz club that might not exist anymore. Tasty.

HOT TEXAS SWING BAND/Devil on My Tail: A pomo take on western swing, this highly eclectic crew gives you taste of what might happen if Dick Curless was starring in "Fiddler on the Roof". Wanna hang in a honky tonk for Rosh Hashonna? You won't get lost in the past in this wild trip to the future as we now see that western swing can take on the future in a two fisted way while taking no guff as it twists and turns into something new. A great, wild ride.

LARA SOLNICKI/The One and the Other: A Canadian film maker finds his muse in the art chick daughter of another film maker. Not beatnik stuff, just free verse bedded by free jazz with loads of the tortured artist effect .Abstruse music that fits right in sounding out in an abstruse world.
(Outside In 2113)

DAVID ANGEL JAZZ ENSEMBLE/Out on the Coast: A clear cut case of too much not being enough. A threefer set of modern/contemporary big band by a cat that's been laboring in the vineyards for years abetted by his pal that almost defines TV/movie jazz. With props from Bill Holman, Angel seems like he should have been part of that era making classic sounding stuff out of originals that you really have to hear to believe. If Marty Paich means more to you than just a name on a bunch of albums you found while cleaning out grandpa's basement after he died, this set will really float your boat. Killer stuff all recorded in four days. How old school is that?.
(Basset Hound 10218)

TREVOR B. POWER/What is Real: Mixing an industrial future with a roots past, we can't tell if this Jersey cat is a white boy with some wild future blues or what? It's clear he thinks the world is drowning in it's own miasma and his sounds certainly reflect that. A gumbo of the past, present and future, modern blues came along in the post war years and this almost sounds like we're hearing a soundtrack for the post apocalypse. Wild and sincere throughout.
(Farm 189 489)

YELENA ECKEMOFF/Adventures of the Wildflower: Inspired by reading an article about how plants communicate, this impressionistic double cd is long on art but Eckemoff never goes art chick on us. With her piano taking on the character of a flower, she takes it though a life cycle from birth to death and shows us it's interactions along the way. Quite the fascinating concept and execution, this shows us that it was time for a new take on "Peter and the Wolf" A gentle and stylish work, she's accompanied here by a Finnish instrumental crew that doesn't fit the ECM format but is well deserving of a break out of their own. Well done throughout.
(L&H 806151)

LOVE STORY: I guess you had to be there. Right in the middle of Kent State, long hot summers, Viet Nam and all the unrest you could imagine, along comes this mawkish, hamish little movie based on a hacky book that collected clichés like baseball cards, yet with the magic of Hollywood and a budget to rope in the best at all levels, it nearly became one of the most honored films of all time. A fore runner of everything on the Hallmark Channel, except their endings are more upbeat, betcha the 50th anni of this pic can shoot arrows through the jaded hearts of America all over again. Make sure you hit Costco to lay in a supply of popcorn and Kleenex because you're going to be going through both in mass quantities once you hit the play button.

COURT JESTER: The hype sheet actually says ‘when a sorceress hypnotizes him, royal chaos ensues". You can almost hear lines like that coming out of Scott Marks mouth with his affectionate, movie loving snark driving it. When the overly caffeinated Danny Kaye wasn't schticking his way through being Hans Christian Andersen or Walter Mitty, he turned his comedic talents on ye olde days where he was a court jester that could change personalities with the snap of a finger (it's the trickery of the sorcery I tells ya!). A real tent pole pic that takes you back to the time when movies were movies, you've got to feel like everyone was having a good time for this still to be such a good time 65 years later. If you need a dose of antics, this is not to be missed.

Volume 45/Number 94
February 2, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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