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ROBBY ROTHSCHILD: A multi instrumentalist that came to our attention via Ottmar Liebert, he's actually a lot more Peter Gabriel than he is granola muncher--even if he keeps it subtle. An intriguing left of center set that a natch for the adult minded, he's already mastered the art of being deep without being pretentious.

DAVE THOMAS/One More Mile: A Welsh boy with 50 years worth of blues even kicks it out here with the Groundhogs going from Memphis to BB to Swansea all in one album. Totally a white boy with the real blues, he ain't one of those carpet baggers that soaked it up and sold it back to us, this record shows a life's journey and he knows how to give it back, not sell it back. On the money throughout.
(Blonde on Blonde)

ARIS PAUL BAND/Ghosts: Genre bending power trio mixes it up as they veer around the various rock/pop/soul forms looking to serve it all up as a good time. A solid party record for rockers, all you have to do is add some doob and season to taste.

RICK WAKEMAN/Christmas Variations: After Mannheim Steamroller and Bill Wolfer brought prog and progish to Christmas, Wakeman toned his act down and got on the trolley in 2000. That set, reissued herewith tracks recorded over 30 years, is a nice, solid holiday set that doesn't pull any punches and fits in well with a family gathering. Leaving the bombast at the arena, he plays it straight and plays it nice.
(Purple Pyramid 1981)

EARLY TIMES & the High Rollers/The Corner: The Sirius dj unleashes his inner classic Tom Waits but takes it in a different direction. Still very much the street corner hipster, Times tosses the whisky growl and goes for the jugular with imagery that comes at you so thick and fast you're obligated to play it a few times just to take it all in. All that and it's wrapped in smoking, high octane white boy blues rock. This is the stuff your sweet tooth has been demanding.
(Vizz Tone ET01)

COWBOYS & FRENCHMEN/Our Highway: This improv bunch of jazzbos took Duke's advise and hopped on the A train but they didn't get off at Sugar Hill, they just kept going. This is their portrait of America, hills, dales, gullies, you name it. Impressionistic and improv, it all meets in a progressive show that lefties ill know how to get. Certainly a wild ride throughout.
(Outside In )

FUTURI/Beyond: It's a girl's night out for Japanese jazz as Satoko Fujii gets the right vibes from her vibe playing pal Taiko Saito in this new, intimate duo. So subtle at times you can barely hear it, but as always, Fujii let's her imagination run wild and this minimalist duo finds the music as it navigates a lot of white space.
(Libra 202061)

Volume 45/Number 84
January 23, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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