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SUSAN ANDERS/13 Women: Maybe growing up in Berkeley gave her the opportunity to see the difference between being strident and enlightening. On this set in which Anders pays tribute to 13 influential women (according to her list), she's anything but strident and keeps it enlightening---a must for these times when heat is more prevalent than light. A folkie set that's organic with some nicely done colorations here and there, it's a record that makes you think without making you even really realize it. Nice lessons, nicely taught.

STACEY PEASLEY/Make It Happen!: A kiddie singer/songwriter that lists every screwy rocker as her influences finds the positive message somewhere in all that and gives it back to the kids. Not music to riot in the Capitol to, Peasley has bright, bouncy messages that uplift in an infectious way and spread good. Well done.

WILDROOTS SESSIONS/Vol. 1: A pair of white boys with the blues decide to celebrate 15 years of striking sparks by rounding up a whole gaggle of cats that influenced and informed them and making a real party out of it. With a guest list that's mind boggling, you couldn't get a better set if Paul Shaffer rounded up his SNL/Letterman pals and enlisted them to have a party. This set makes every hour after hours and the party never ends. Simply smoking.
(Wildroots 2021)

SAUGEYE: After a great deal of wood shedding to make sure their arrival was one that fully formed, the new generation of roots rocking Tulsa cats has arrived. Recorded in a day, old school style, these rockers flat out rock. Capturing their live show in the studio, this is a crew that'll keep you up all night in the best way possible. Here's the dose of snap, crackle and pop you've been on the lookout for.

PETER DICARLO/Onward: A straight ahead jazzbo that can probably coax more notes out of his sax at any given moment than you can steps up and delivers. With a load of pals lending encouragement to his debut, it has a classic and modern New York feel all at once sure to give you the daddio head bob within the first 32 bars. With a knack for some hard swinging, Dicarlo doesn't have to be in the background any more.
(Shifting Paradigm 160)

JOYANN PARKER/Out of the Dark: If Parker's last record left your head swimming in a pool of ciggy smoke, this time out she's going to leave you not knowing which end is up. Whether she's a broad or a dame you won't mistake her for a thrush. With an amalgam of sounds that you'd never drain the swamp far enough down to really uncover the roots, Parker is a full on performance all on her own----and not as a performance artist. Recommended: do some cardio before giving this set a spin if you want to have some hope of catching your breath.
(Hopeless Romantics 1003)

STREAM: Celebrating his drummer Billy Hart's 80th birthday, this German arts council funded set is right in the classic pocket that made people think Windham Hill was the American ECM. Finding the sweet spot where delicate and progressive find each other, this is solid and wonderful ensemble jazz made by pros with an objective. Solid and tasty, this is what sitting down jazz is all about.
(Enja/Yellowbird 9778)

EYOT/557799: Don't even try to figure it out. Your starting point is a bunch of eclectic Serbs hanging out at Real World and Abbey Road. A spirited and sprightly mix of contemporary acoustic music with art/rock, jazz and a little bit of everything else that could easily fit into a progressive bag, this bunch makes right of hippie music that isn't way out there but never met a boundary it ever felt like it had to observe. Loaded with trippy moves that go where they will, to dissect it will only kill the magic---and that should be the last thing on your mind. Just enjoy it for the fun ride it is.
(Ropeadope 585)

DAVID RESTIVO TRIO/Arancina: The piano man that ranks as one of Canada's national treasures plays here like he has nothing to prove and is playing for the sheer joy of it. Actually, he's got an impressionistic travelogue going on here that starts with a tour of Italy and ends with some good old fashioned bebop. As sure a fingered player as you could want to hear, this is smoking listening jazz that always hits all the right notes as well as hits them out of the park. Well done.
(Chronograph 82)

SAMUEL LEIPOLD/Viscosity: A progressive guitarist that takes it upon himself to be the whole show this time around comes forth with a mysterious set in which the pieces craftily become a whole. Often deceptively simple, he follows in the footsteps of the 60s guitar greats that were forging independent paths like this that often took you on flights of inner head fancy. Certainly music to get thunk by.
(QFTF 182)

Volume 45/Number 70
January 9, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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