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KOMAGA TRIO/Foxing Hour: C'mon, it's got nothing to do with Trump, the name of the band is the first two letters of each player's last name the and middle belongs to Mike Manring who brought his bass along. With harp front and center, this is one of those lush, easy going dates that resides somewhere between jazz, new age and contemporary instrumental music quite comfortably. A tasty workout spurred by crowd funding, this is a lovely example of how nice it is to give the people what they want.

RODERICK HARPER/Evolving: Smooth jazz comes to Nawlins as the crafty vocalist lines up a crew of the best to turn in a solid jazz vocal date that smacks of summer jazz. Finding his own voice in more ways than one, this set is just right for those early after hours times when the moving needs to be easy as you ease into something else. Well done.

RON CARTER/Foursight Stockholm V. 2: And when doesn't the grand old man of the bass not hit it out of the park? The most recorded bass player in history, he gives us more of an easy going date where he plays like he has nothing to prove and wants to have fun with his pals delivering a good time. Making it look all too easy, the righteously grand master gives a master class in how to get it done right and the audience just eats it up. This is a paragon of giving straight ahead a good name. Hot stuff.
(In + Out 77140)

DAVE KELLER/You Get What You Give: A white boy with some long standing blues records it in Vermont with some sassy duet partners that help him take it to church even going so far as the reach a hand to Tom Dorsey. With horns bringing up the rear making this sound like it was recorded on the chitlin circuit rather than around Maine lobsters, Keller is keeping the door open to make blues a universal language. Cruising through a set of originals without affectation or pretense, he egalitarianly walks it like he talks it. Smoking show blues for all.
(Tastee Tone 3045)

BANGING COLOURS/ Hallucinogenic Treasures from the Convolution of an Imaginative Brain 1967-69 A Compilation: If they can make a whole box set out of King Crimson's 1969 recordings, why can't this forgotten bunch of prog hippies that stretch back even longer get a double cd? Actually, all they left behind was one album and some radio shows and there was nothing left to make more than a double cd. So out of step with everything that it's totally timeless, especially to space and acidheads, this is the mother lode of headphone, trippy stuff that wants to take you higher. Out sound? Hell, that's where this begins.
(IAP 2001)

SUBLA NEOKULINTANG: The final recording of the gong master that wanted to bring his version of world beat to the world finds him in good company in an effort that's not as dry as a similarly situated Nonesuch set but right in the pocket with ungenreable sets that lean to the left as they push the boundaries. Often akin to opium den music, these sonic excursions are some pretty heady ear openers.
(Iridium 201401)

CHRIS TRINIDAD Y CANCION TAGALOG: In which we find bass guitarist Chris Trinidad and his jazzy pals asking the questions: Since Philippines and Cuba both have Spanish heritages, what if the musical bridge was Fil-Cuban instead of Afro-Cuban? Well, flavored and leavened like a spunky saudade, we get a series of pretty nifty answers here. Divided up into three palates, this comes out as one of the more flavorful sonic pallets that started out as an experiment and worked out better than almost anybody would have thought. Tasty stuff that opens the ears to sweet, new possibilities.
(Iridium 202001)

ANYONE CAN WHISTLE/First Complete Recording: A two disc studio recreation of one of the first musicals that found Sondheim using his leverage to wander off the reservation and create works that didn't fit the Broadway format, this set took 23 years to come to fruition. It's the first full recording of this work and the spiffing up given the work here leaves Sondheim to say that he's proud of it. Need a better stamp of approval? Broadway fans that miss the days when the real spectacle was in the work itself will be glad there are still producers out there that aren't ashamed at looking over their shoulder and improving the past in monumental ways. Especially when it has so much relevance to what's going on now.
(Jay 1457)

Volume 45/Number 42
December 12, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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