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FRANK KOHL/Solitude: One of those jazzbo guitarists that's been around forever while having been influenced by everyone from Wes to Scoey, he's arrived at now with the kind of touch that just exemplifies ‘wow!'. A solid set with him front and center plying his trade on a cache of mostly originals, once again all you can say is ‘wow!'. Leading with nothing less than just the right touch, this is sure to knock out jazz guitar fans that certainly haven't heard a solo recital like this in ages. Wow!

3D JAZZ TRIO/Christmas in 3D: The always amazing Ms. Maricle and two of her pals on leave/loan from one of the Diva configurations swing their way through the holidays as only a top shelf piano jazz trio can do. Sure to make you feel like you've gotten out of the house to hit a jazz club this pandemic season, this holiday romp is a sure fire cure for the claustrophobia blues. Way hotter than a hot toddy and even more tasty.

JOHN REDMON & THE THOMAS DAWSON JR ORCHESTRA/Honoring Louis Armstrong: The jazzbo kids of all ages love to imitate gets some love here even without a centennial or anything on the horizon---just because. Released by a Christian record company that doesn't hit you over the head with their values, the Armstrong impression is on point and this is a fine walk down memory lane by people that love Louie and love jazz. Well done.

DEBORAH SILVER/Glitter & Grits: Back from a run with Covid, this shimmering vocalist whose a fave of Q teams up with Ray Benson and the Wheelers for a romp where her cutie pie voice pairs perfectly with Benson's old timey sounds and a set of tunes from 100 years ago. A real charmer of a date that gleefully colors outside the lines, you really want to take a ride on this Chattanooga choo choo and ride to the end and beyond. A real fine time.

SIMONE KOPMAJER/Christmas: An Austrian jazzbo vocalist hooks up with a bunch of jazzbos and folkies for an easy going traditional Christmas pulled from some international ports of call that mostly feel right at home no matter where they come from. Very much an old school feeling set, Kopmajer knows how to deliver the goods and you can be sure a good time is had by all on this feast of musical comfort food that never lapses into a jive presentation.
(Lucky Mojo 28941)

CARLA MARCIANO QUARTET/Psychosis-Homage to Bernard Herrmann: With all the work Herrmann did for Hitchcock, you know there's going to be a lot of jazz noir on this tribute set---and that's just what you get. Being a sax ace, Marciano knows her way around the form and delivers in a most deliberate style. It's enough to make you go sit through a Hitchcock marathon no matter how much he still scares you.
(Challenge 73486)

TODD MOSBY/Aerial Views: If producer Will Ackerman thinks this is one of the best albums he's ever been associated with, it helps to take notice. Played with a lightness that was never often found on the typical Windham Hill record, Ackerman rounds up a bunch of the old gang, gives it the feel of Paul Winter on a busman's holiday and the good times really do flow. Jazz/new age almost like you've never heard it before, wood and strings really take you someplace else here. Well done.
(MMG 1202)

LUKE SELLICK & ANDREW RENFROE/Small Vacation: A guitar/bass NYC duo swing some improv on a random collection of boomer classics that lend themselves well to improv jazz and play to make themselves happy. With all the right moves in all the right places, this intimate date will make you happy as well as you enjoy some misty colored memories of the way things were.

ALEX WINTZ TRIO/Live to Tape: Wintz and his gang flex their Bluenote muscles on this date of originals that finds them kicking it out in single takes old school style. A jazz guitar trio with enough telepathy to pull it off without making it look like it's being pulled off, this open ended set had the old school sound but is fueled by new school fury. In the pocket jazz throughout.
(Outside In 2035)

BRIANNA THOMAS BAND/Everybody Knows: A soulful belter that brings a bunch of old school classics into the present with a sharpness and verve that'll make young ‘uns think this is all new. Slipping in a little message music along the way, this modern soul set is a solid ear opener that works smartly from start to finish.
(Breathline 1)

AUBREY WILSON QUARTET/Honeysuckle Rose: Enough young ‘uns have grown up on the remaking of the great American songbook that they are claiming the oldies as their own and fostering a new era of the golden age of the great American songbook. A little pomo, a little cabaret and a lot of jazz weaving in and out, this set sounds like it never met a boundary line it felt couldn't be trampled. Tasty stuff that grabs you from behind and doesn't let go.
(Awmusic 1)

Volume 45/Number 6
November 6, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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