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ADAM SHULMAN SEPTET/West Meets East: A solid, pure jazzbo, Shulman is one of those chop laden, no frills piano men that steps up to the line and delivers the goods. A Bay area club fixture and scenester, he sounds like he ate old Blue Note sessions for breakfast mixed in with his formula. Great jazzbo listening, the rest of the country needs to hear how on the money he is. Hot stuff.
(Cellar Live 110219)

COLLEGE PROJECT/Off Brand: Angular improvisers that got together in the early 90s, they sound like they were heavily influenced by ECM but decided to make records that sounded less claustrophobic. Sitting down jazz that plays with your head as it plays, it might be free jazz but don't expect the wheels to fall off in the name of creative freedom. With enough whimsy hidden in the tracks, this might be the first impression of free jazz for a summer evening. Check it out.
(New Focus/Panoramic 19)

NEW RESO GATHERING/various: As the young ‘uns become the old masters, some of them wisely give back. Tim Graves was a young ‘un in the first iteration of this gathering and now he's the head wrangler that brings the young ‘uns of dobro together. A stellar omnibus collection loaded with players that know how to hit all the right notes, this is a mega dose of that lonesome sound that powers bluegrass. And full of power it is. Tasty stuff by names you'll get to know that really fills your sweet tooth.
(Pinecastle 1239)

BLUEGRASS 2020: An all star bluegrass ad hoc band picks up the thread of the series that got discontinued in 2001 that showcases the best of what's going on out there. These pickers are all leaders in their own rights but count on them to work and play well with others. All new recordings, mostly of classics, this barn burner will keep the volunteer fire department up all night. Hot stuff throughout.
(Pinecastle 1243)

DR. CHRISPY/Transitory: The space explorer that also loves making music comes in with a new quasi EDM set that sounds like young Shelton could robot dance to in Texas when he couldn't get Stephen Hawkins to pick up his Skype. Sure it's out there but what can you expect form a cat with this background? Music with narration for contemporary space heads.

SEELA/Cool: With over 20 years under her belt as an Austin scenester, she has the chops and connects to do whatever she wants whenever she feels like and this record shows how much of that Texas spirit is in evidence. As much atmospheric and ambient as it is anything else, this is music for a lazy day on the Frio when whatever the world is up just doesn't matter.

Volume 44/Number 262
July 17, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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