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BILLY PRINE/A Place I Used to Know: Never one to stand still in his brother's shadow, Prine showcases his journeys here finding him stopping in Memphis to let fly with the locals and bash out his own brand of Americana. Showing that talent runs in the bloodlines, he's got talent of his own and shows you're never too old to rock it on out. There might be echoes of John in his voice, but it's a voice we enjoy continuing to hear.
(Memphis International 2034)

GRAHAM BRAMBLETT/Great Inbetween: The sound of a songwriter getting disillusioned, taking a break and coming back to do it pure---writing for himself and not being too concerned about who decides to follow along. A delightfully meaty but stripped down songwriting set by a cat that's sure to get your ears to perk up.

MANDALYN/Wrecked: A solid slice of blue eyed soul that comes from somewhere deep down within. This is only a 4 song ep but the seeds have been sown and you could make a meal out of an album full of this. On the money
(Shocaroff Management)

JUSTIN SALADINO BAND/Live: A hard hitting live in the studio set where the guitar riffs find the sweet spot where Rolling Stones and Hank Jr collide----right in the opening riff. Blue eyed blues from up North, this crew knows how to show up for the party and leave when they feel like it without over staying their welcome. Hot stuff.
(Bros 22001)

MANDOKI SOULMATES/Living in the Gap-Hungarian Pictures: Well, here's something I don't know what to make of---largely because it's been going on across the pond for over a decade and I've never had a whiff of this. In what should be a total vanity project on paper is anything but in reality. Anyone who was anyone in 70s or 80s rock turns up here as a member of this ad hoc super group centered around Leslie Mandoki, the Euro rocker that pulled his all together. With the kind of precision that makes this a natch for anyone that was a fan of pre MTV arena rock---particularly since all their faves are on board here, and then some. Released by Sony over there, Sony here would never put this out, even if boomers would light up Amazon to get it. The kind of rock you grew up on by an aggregation of the cats who made it, this double cd set might just fill all your rocking needs until you hit the nursing home. And your kids will probably dig it as well because this really keeps it real. Well done.

Volume 44/Number 259
July 14, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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