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DENNY ZEITLIN/Live at Mezzrow: C'est what, this edition of the Zeitlin Trio has been together for nearly 20 years already? If you need another reason to hate your parents, this record will deliver it to you: if only they made you stick with those piano lessons, you could have learned to play like this! (maybe). Once again delivering a piano trio date that's a defining moment of a generation of jazz fans, they deconstruct standards to reassemble them like drill sergeants you wind up respecting. The originals reflect unending creativity and vision while the disc on the whole makes you wish you were there hanging on in anticipation of what's coming around the next bend. Killer stuff from the king of the realm and his loyal horsemen.
(Sunnyside 1582)

EVENT HORIZON JAZZ QUARTET: A bunch of cats all headed for Chicago a while back, got together and have finally gotten together to show they are leaders of the next generation of local jazz. Already having made names for themselves individually, this set reflects the wood shedding and chop honing that has gone on alone and together. Simply smoking straight ahead jazz, this bunch has the oomph on their side to be much more than local luminaries. Hot stuff throughout.

DAVE FIELDS/Force of Will: A white boy with a real, long standing case of the blues turns it up and turns it loose on his latest where simplicity and basics have never rung so true and hard. With his award winning ways assured to continue, he takes it back to the roadhouse where a rocking night and letting loose are what it's all about. Kicking it out throughout in fine style, this is the latest in his long line of winners.

DAN LIPARINI/Tessellations: Except for the electric guitar he's holding, Liparini gives off a Kottkeish vibe. But he's playing electric and he's well guided by the spirit of Wes, not borrowing from Montgomery but looking to him for inspiration and direction to be his own voice. A wonderful set of quiet fire, it's hard to find a better set of laid back jazz for stay at home times.
(Next Level 2021)

RICARDO GRILLI/1962: The Brazilian guitarist audio paints his impression of the year his mother was born as part of a trilogy in the works looking at birth years of himself and his father as well. Taking stock of the changes in store as the world was going through one of it's upheaval periods, just when you think you have this set figured out, whoomp there it goes. Quite the interesting sitting down instrumental/jazz set that opens the mind as well as the ears.
(Tone Rogue)

INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT V/Life Motion: Capturing the vibe of the 70s stuff they play on MeTv-FM, this is a solid dose of melodic prog that isn't a blast from the past. Timeless in it's moves, for everyone that loves certain aspects of the 70s, this is some really meat and potato rocking out.
(Intelligent Music)

NEAL SMITH/Pop 85/95: The front and back cover shots of a super hot Brazilian actress make you think this is an Ibeza collection rather than a look back at a decade of power pop. I guess it's a win on both counts. Smith gets it right throughout and I guess it proves that you didn't have to be there to know what it was all about.

STARING INTO NOTHING/Love: Recorded at the vortex of where Zappa and Crimson come together, firmly mastering the syntax of art prog from the 70s, this bunch has the power to make an underground mark to a loyal audience in search of when their music was music. Nice stuff.
(Antares 2)

CHALWA/NewRootz 2020: Some solid skanking from a crew whose names don't have a traditional Jamaican sound. Probably a bunch of white boys that roll spliffs big enough that they don't understand words like ‘cultural appropriation', this sound makes us just want to appreciate music being the universal language and get flat. A nice dose of total irie.

SANDY McKNIGHT WITH FERNANDO PERDOMO/San Fernando Beat: A totally different kind of record from Perdomo that finds him bringing his ax to a rock duo that's got kind of an REM thing going on. Sometimes you really have to break out and show your versatility to really get the ears out there to appreciate what you're up to. The first wave of alt.nostalgia has hit.

Volume 44/Number 251
July 6, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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