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MOORE McCOLL JAZZ SOCIETY/Electric Fantastic: A Hotlanta jazz duo with a load of pals willing to lend a hand do a modern take on a classic sound--the 70s organ trio. Not nostalgic, not recidivist, this crew is about letting the good times roll with as much rollick as possible added to the mix. Just a hair too late to be a great Father's Day gift for your funky pop, you can slip this to him to show you appreciate him any old time. Just the right amount of hot stuff to keep the blood in his legs flowing.

DAVID BACH/Fierce Heart: A keyboard ace that could single handedly lay claim to being the Maryland jazz scene comes in with this sixth set, a wonderful fusion/smooth jazz outing that has just the right bite to make this something special for adults with a few miles under their belts and just a little tired of everything being lite or canceled these days. A wonderfully moving and grooving set, he's got it all on the ball here. Well done. (Integrity)

DAVID BOSWELL/Story Behind the Story: A Wes influenced guitarist that was so committed to jazz once he got bit by the bug that he headed out to Woodstock for clinics with Pat Metheny, Dave Holland and Jack deJohnette, he gets Jimmy Haslip at the wheel here to lead a crew of hitters that can play for the joy of it with a leader that smokes. First class guitar jazz from a unique voce that knows how to rise above with each strum.
(My Quiet Moon 2001)

ADAM GLASER TRIO/Wide Awake: A jazz piano cat with a classical background, Glaser has songs on his debut that he wrote as far back as 1989 so you know the goodness that percolates to the top here has been bubbling under for quite a while. A classic club cat, he captures the vibe of the classic piano trio so well you might think this is a photograph. Tasty, swinging stuff throughout.

ZEN ZADRAVEC/Human Revolution: A hard swinging, hard playing piano man whose religious leader wrote "Midnight at the Oasis" shows he's in touch with letting his beliefs steer him away from his lesser self. High octane throughout, this is what you play when you want to hear some serious chops flying in all directions. Unafraid to wear his influences on his sleeve, this cat plays like anything but a granola eater. Wonderfully hot stuff.
(Marmite 7742)

CeCe GABLE/More Than a Song: This jazz vocalist is here to take you back to places you never were, the smoky jazz clubs your grand parents hung out at and never told you about. A classic thrush backed by an after hours combo led by Harvie S, you can almost hear Lewis, Kay and Levy in the background counting up and fighting over the night's receipts. The set list is from back in the day and even if she wasn't there the first time around, her spirit was and she inhabits the songs the way they should be. Well done.
(New York Jazz Project 1001)

DERRICK GARDNER & THE BIG DIG! BAND/Still I rise: A timely release in that the NFL has just chosen to canonize the title song, the trumpeter shines brightly here as he leads a big band in fine style pushing them all to shine just a brightly and brassily as they can. A super sold big band extravaganza, this is as solid as it gets. Well done.
(Impact Jazz 2)

MICHAEL OLATUJA/Lagos Pepper Soup: If you really want your second indie release to stand out, it doesn't hurt to have a bunch of pals with Blue Note on their own resumes. Reflecting his Lagos upbringing, this worldly, world class bass ace brings the jazz, funk and international flair right to the fore. Certainly a treat for the armchair traveler, anyone with happy feet will know what's going on here. Hot stuff.
(Whirlwind 4754)

JORGE PEREZ-ALBELA/Time is Now: Almost a trip back to the church basement, but not quite. The well traveled South American drummer mixes jazz and contemporary awareness/protest music into a youthful fusion that never lapses into tirade. Music to make you think that you don't have to be an egghead to appreciate, there's theme songs here for the new tomorrow.

JAVIER NERO/Freedom: A multi culti trombonist serves up an original program of jazz based multi culti music, just what his particular doctor ordered for these miasmic times. With a good sized crew on board, they deliver a pre-fusion, fusion outing when jazzbos were out doing exploration because the labels weren't paying attention to their charges. If you like hot blowing by pros, everything else here comes in second.
(Outside In 2034)

Volume 44/Number 248
July 3, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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