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JOHN MINNOCK/Herring Cove: We knew Dave Liebman could play with his right brain and his left brain, but his playing and producing on this jazz set shows he has areas of his cortex we've yet to explore. A flamboyant vocal release that in earlier years would be buried deep in the cabaret bin, mostly for not fitting the format but not fitting to well elsewhere, who the hell knew he had a Broadway type sensibility as well. His innate hell raiser instincts are what make this set stand out and really deliver. LGB+ comes to jazz and an ignored market segment comes out of the shadows to be well and properly served.
(Dot Time 9093)

JULIAN SHORE/Where We Started: A wildly different kind of listening experience in that the piano man has crafted this to be something of an autobiography, in music. Talk about taking impressionism to new heights! Surrounded by jazzbos from various phases of his growth and development, it certainly is instrumental music if not strictly jazz. One of those sitting down listening dates that takes you somewhere else and leaves you on the shores of your tomorrow, this is the different strokes that different folks are seeking out.
(Tone Rogue 11)

TJ GEORGE/Fragmented Soul Vol. 2: A modern, folk flavored release that tackles all the familiar folk/Americana subjects relating to the human condition, of course presented here through George's prism. Nice stuff that could find him a comfy groove as a contemporary James Taylor.

EVA CORTES/Todas las Voces: A Honduran vocalist with deep chops doesn't have to be singing in a gringo's native language to get her point across. This is underscored by this being Christian McBride's third tour of duty with her. Getting a bunch of top New York Latin jazzbos in tow, this mix of music and politics works well throughout. Loaded with soul and fire, this is going to be one of your international go-to records of choice.
(Truth Revolution)

XIANJI LIU/Rodrigo: A young, Chinese born guitarist becomes the first ever from his neck of the woods to win a Spanish guitar competition and gets to face off with a Spanish TV orchestra kicking it out here on a warhorse program that's wonderfully played by all and brings it all home with a delightful take on Rodrigo's ‘Oranges'. Perhaps short on surprises but long on chops and skill, no matter how many times you've heard it before, this sure makes sure you've got one more round in your future. Solid stuff.
(Ibs 42020)

SIMON GOLLO & JOHN NOVACEK/Chausson: A classically classical feeling classical record, the pianist and violinist, along with some pals, delve in the works of a chamber music pro who had a diverse life that ended quickly enough that he's only known to insiders today. This set could rectify that situation. The kind of music that it helps if you listen to it in a tux, it's high minded and high tone but the crew here knows how to hit the populace like they're a bunch of Mozarts. A theatrical sounding presentation in and of itself, this'll remind of the stuff you used to enjoy listening to with grand pa. Solid and ear opening throughout.
(Ibs 62020)

Volume 44/Number 244
June 29, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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